Tabby Cat Demands Attention From Praying Monk

If a cat rules your world, then you’re familiar with the lengths a kitty cat will go to in order to get your attention. Especially when you’re right in the middle of something important. Thailand’s tradition of free-roaming cats means Thai kitties are well-practiced at making themselves at home in the middle of people’s lives. Buddhist temples see many cats hanging about as devotees believe in respect to all living things, which Thai cats have learned means bowls full of … Read more

Breaking Mews: History’s Finest Artworks Inspired By Fat Cat

Oh, how cats inspire us. From print to paint, cats have been muses for humans since the dawn of their cohabitation. Zarathustra the Cat is no exception, inspiring his mom to uncover the original versions of some well-known artwork. From some of humans’ first expressions of art to the pop phenomena of our time, Svetlana shows the world the beauty of art when a cat provides the creative revelation. @FatCatArt/Instagram Zarathustra and Svetlana met in 2008 after the death of … Read more

Doraemon Built Over A Week, Kitten Catastrophe Occurs In Seconds

Collectors are particular about their treasures, but cats don’t care. If it means a good time, kitty cats will destroy anything. Phumai Phornthong discovered this hard truth after hours of work on an intricate collectible of a famous manga cat. Phumai manages Turbo Toy in Bangkok, Thailand and he’s used to piecing together intricate collector’s items for clients. In March, he received a 2,432-piece Doraemon interlocking block set. The large box contained several bags of blue, white, red, and yellow … Read more

Clyde The Dog Wants A Kitten In This Hilarious Video

Some say dogs and cats don’t mix, but Clyde the dog wholeheartedly disagrees in a video dubbed by Andrew Grantham. In the video “Dog Wants A Kitty”, viewers are treated to Clyde the dog getting excited over a kitten friend. But first, his human dad gives him a good teasing. The video opens with Clyde learning his dad went to the pet store. Clyde is excited because he knows the kitten he wants would have come from there. Hearing of … Read more

‘Cats’ Cast Trained For Feline Greatness By Co-Star James Corden

To perform with confidence becoming a cat, the cast of Cats had much work to do in learning how to channel their inner feline. Bringing out the cat from deep within proved challenging, but James Corden of The Late Late Show hosted a cat class to help his costars coax forth their wild instincts. Cats Director Tom Hooper welcomed Francesca Hayward, Rebel Wilson, Jason Derulo, Jennifer Hudson, and Taylor Swift to the intensive cat school. But when class began, Hooper … Read more

Dads Who Don’t Want Cats Spoil Felines The Most

Fathers are famous for dashing their children’s hopes of adopting a fur-baby for the family. But how many dads, once relenting to the cries of please over and over again, fall head over heels for the critters they didn’t want? Probably darn near all of them because once a cat settles into your heart with snuggles and purrs, its all over. You’re a cat lover before you know it. Twitter user @roobeekeane posted a thread proving how soft dads can … Read more

Away In A Manager, Plenty of Room For A Cat Bed

Its true, cats will sit anywhere. Couple that with the divinity complex most cats possess and the perfect feline photo moment arises. Photographer Brooke Goldman was around at just the right time to catch such a sight. It was an early morning in December of 2017 when Brooke walked her boyfriend to catch his early train. Getting back to bed was her main focus on the walk back, but being a photographer, she’s always noticing the minute details around her. “I … Read more

These Human-Faced Kittens Might Just Strike-Up A Conversation

With the recent release of Cats in theaters, we were put in mind of Valkyrie the human-faced cat. Imagine our delight in discovering, Valkyrie is no longer the only human cat in her home. The world first met Valkyrie the Maine Coon in the summer of 2018. It didn’t take long for cat lovers worldwide to fall in love and trolls to starts the jokes. But here at, we’re fascinated by Valkyrie’s unique visage. Catsvill County Maine Coon Cattery … Read more

 ‘Cat’ Burglar Apprehended, Seeking Forever Home for Life

The night is dark and the lights are off. Tucked away in bed, you expect only to hear silence and the familiar sighs of your house settling. These are sounds you know, but imagine hearing a creak unfamiliar or a rustling by some force unknown. Not so long along ago, around the midnight hour, a family residing in Collier County, FL, experienced such terror. Hearing “disturbing noises,” the family called the Collier County Sheriff’s Department. Krista Williamson, a CCSO spokeswoman … Read more

Taxi Driver Meows at Passengers, Theories Point to Supernatural

The last thing passengers want behind the wheel of a taxi is a mystery, but in Johannesburg, South Africa, that’s what riders are finding. Apparently, a certain taxi driver doesn’t speak to riders, but he occasionally meows as he makes the back forth drive from Fourways to Bree. The reactions to such claims are mixed, but one thing is certain. Social media is going crazy for the tale of mystery… Twitter user @Thandoo_Zuma had ridden in this taxi before and … Read more