A Mustached Gentleman, Gringo Is A Dapper Cat

Cats are adorable no matter who they are, but there are those with personalities that make them upstanding felines of a fine nature. They sit so proudly and preen their paws with careful consideration while casting assessing eyes over the peasantry. While still a young cat with frisky ways, Gringo the mustachioed cat is this type of dapper darling. A British shorthair, Gringo smacks of aristocracy with his handsome mustache. @gringomoustachecat/Instagram The handsome kitty and his family hails from France. … Read more

Eli The #liverpoolcat Is Living His Best Life

Some people think of cats as antisocial creatures who want nothing to do with strolling about town as a dog might. I think we all know better. But Eli the cat is definitely proving them wrong. @Eli the Adventure Cat/Instagram @Eli the Adventure Cat/Instagram A handsome, young kitty, Eli is “a little ginger boy living his best life” according to his Instagram bio. A tabby on the go, his page shows him living the good life, out and about around … Read more

Cats Wear Hats Made From Their Own Fur

Cat lovers often find inspiration in their feline dears. Whether art, stories, or photography masterpieces, cast often serves as muses. But having a cat muse means most of your possessions are covered in cat hair. While fuzzy clothes might be an issue for some of us, a couple in Japan has found inspiration in this most unlikely place. @umatan/Instagram @rojiman/Instagram Ryo and Hiromi Yamazaki are parents to three Scottish Folds. The folded-ear trio, Nyaa, Maru, and Mugi, all have lush … Read more

The Orlando Cat Cafe Serves Fresh Coffee and Feline Cuddles

If you find yourself in Florida craving a cup of coffee and the company of cats, then The Orlando Cat Café is your dream destination. Buy a cup of Axum coffee and perhaps a pastry, then get ready to fall in love with your feline hosts. Cats roam the lush surroundings, waiting for visitors to join them in getting comfy. Relax with sleepy tabbies or play with mischievous kittens. Either way, cat lovers will get their fix. The Orlando Cat … Read more

Grey Tabby Kitten Seeks Laps and Snuggles…This Baby Can Have Anything He Wants

Get ready, your heart is about to melt. @bruceandfoxfosters/Instagram @bruceandfoxfosters/Instagram   Are you mush? Yep, so is every one else who sets on eyes on sweet baby Mustang Bartholomew. Such a big name for a little kitten, and with a heart as big as his, it fits. But Bartholomew almost didn’t have a chance to share his love with the world. At six weeks old, Bartholomew was found crying and alone on a porch in Los Angeles, CA. Jamie Orozco … Read more

Teen Takes His Kitty Queen to Prom

Cat people can be a little crazy when it comes to their feline companions. Most cat lovers own the fact and embrace it. Just like Sam Steingard when it comes to his family cat, Ruby. @RubythePrettyKitty/Instagram The 10-year old cat has been his best buddy for years and when he had trouble finding a date for the prom, Ruby was an obvious choice to join him for an evening of sparkles and fun. @RubythePrettyKitty/Instagram Sam and Ruby became a viral … Read more

Grandpa Terry Naps For A Good Cause

Cats love naps. Lots of people love naps too. So, what happens when the two are joined? An absolutely adorable situation is what! Which is just what happened at Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, a shelter for special needs and elderly cats in Green Bay, WI. While many a volunteer offers time and support to the shelter, one man comes every day to spend time with the cats. He arrives with a brush in hand and a yawn on his lips. … Read more

Meet Potato: The Instagram-Famous Cat With Googly Eyes!

Two years ago, Ashley Norlien adopted an adorable cat named Potato. Like any cat parent, she was excited about her new furry friend, so she started taking photos of him and posting them on social media. Potato didn’t mind all the pictures and he happily adjusted to his new home with Norlien. However, Potato started becoming a social media star in no time, and the reason was simply because of his eyes! Potato’s eyes are very different than the eyes … Read more

Quilty the Cat, Master of Escape, Feline Liberator

Quilty the cat may seem a naughty cat to some, but to his feline friends, he’s a hero. Recently, the Friends for Life Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas, found itself embroiled in a mystery. More than once, staff arrived at the shelter to find the senior cats free of their room and roaming the building. “We would come in in the morning and have to collect all 15 of the cats who had had a blast during the night,” said … Read more

Husky Finds a Kitten at the Shelter and Now They’re Best Friends

When Raven the Tamaskan Husky was just a puppy, she was lonely. She wanted a best friend to be able to run around and play with. So, Christina, Raven’s Mom, decided to take Raven to a shelter in Lubbock, Texas to allow her to select a best friend herself. Christina wanted Raven to find a kitten she could grow old with, but of course, Christina couldn’t just pick a friend for her. Raven had to choose her new friend on … Read more