A Story of Sweet Little Panda, The Runt of The Litter

Say hello to Panda! The smallest most innocent little girl to ever live! She was the smallest of all of her siblings and was kind enough to share the first three weeks of her life with us! It’s amazing, sometimes the smallest ones take up the most space in our hearts. Panda will definitely steal some room in your heart!

First Lick! (First Kiss, Cat Edition!)

By now you’ve probably seen the viral video First Kiss, right? Well, this is similar BUT even better than the original because it’s the cat edition! The twist? One of these cats gets a little fed up with all the kisses. Get ready to smile! Which do you like more, the original or this version? SHARE this if you thought it was adorable! SHARE this if you thought it was adorable!

After you watch a kitten playing with an iPad, your life is complete :)

This cutie is stuck on a hard level of his favorite iPawd game! 😉 How frustrating! But we don’t mind watching him chase that mouse with all his might. I seriously think this may be the cutest 12 seconds I’ve experienced in a while. I can’t handle it. I mean seriously, how adorable is that little move at 5 seconds in?! SHARE this cute kitty with someone! SHARE this cute kitty with someone!

Kittens Have The Best Day Ever!

The life of a kitten is pretty darn purrfect! If you think about it, it may be the best thing in the world! These two kittens were kind enough to share with us their best day with us, but let’s be honest… this is what they do EVERY day! Which is why we’re slightly jealous. Watch to see why! SHARE this with a friend! SHARE this with a friend!

Brave Kitten Takes On Doberman!

This tiny kitten isn’t scared of anything! Especially when it comes to big Dobermans. Feisty and ready to play, tiny kitten wants to rough-house with the big dog! Will the kitten show the Doberman who’s boss? Or maybe chicken out? Watch what happens! SHARE THIS with a kitten lover! SHARE THIS with a kitten lover!

Naughty Kitten Messes With Adult Cat!

Oh this kitten is bad! Insanely adorable, but oh so bad. He LOVES annoying his big brother, while his brother sleeps. But that’s a no-no! Watch to see what big brother does to little kitten to show him who is still in charge. And don’t worry, no kittens were injured in the making of this video! 🙂 SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh!

Mailman Battles with Cat to Deliver Mail

This video began making it’s rounds at the beginning of this year, but it’s one of those videos that will NEVER get old. Get ready to laugh, because this cat is about to battle the mailman through the door… and it’s hilarious! Can you imagine being in the mailman’s shoes? How would you handle this silly situation?! Did you laugh hysterically? SHARE this! Did you laugh hysterically? SHARE this!

Kitty REALLY Loves Catnip!

This little one is hilarious! Not only is he laying like a baby and holding a bottle, but he’s going crazy for the catnip inside the bottle! I’ve never heard a cat make these noises before, but it’s pretty funny and totally adorable. What do you think? Has your cat ever done anything like this? Sound off in the comments below! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh!

A Cat’s Guide to Loving Your Human!

Cats are caring animals, but you have to understand they’re quirks to truly see their compassion! We have the perfect video for all of you cats who haven’t quite figured out how to love your human yet, and all of you humans who don’t understand your cat’s crazy mannerisms. This is purrfect! So grab your cat and pull up a seat! This video will surely bring a smile to your face! 🙂 SHARE this with a fellow cat lover! SHARE … Read more

Kitty vs SHOES!

Sometimes when you give something to a kitten that’s REALLY fun, they get this glimmer in their eyes… Almost as if they’ve gone insane from excitement! Have you witnessed that look from your cat before? The hilarious kitten in this next video is about to pull out his crazy eyes because he’s gone absolutely crazy for SHOES! Any kind of shoe, just let him at it and he’ll go nuts! This little guy had me laughing hysterically, I hope you … Read more