Rocky the Kitten Falls Asleep While Playing!

Get ready, we’re bringing you some Monday morning cuteness that’ll make your heart melt! Rocky is so playful and sweet, we couldn’t help but share him with you. But being that adorable can be tiring! This little munchkin is falling asleep WHILE playing and he’s capturing the hearts of over 100,000+ people while doing so! Will you be another one? WATCH! SHARE this heartwarming video! SHARE this heartwarming video!

Milo Just REALLY Wants Attention! Hilarious!

Oh my, this is too funny! Milo has zero interest in his momma’s yoga poses. He just needs a quick “selfie” and he’s done. This brave, big-eyed boy is in large and in charge and he has us laughing hysterically. Has your cat every done something like this? Do they respond to cameras? Tell us about it in our comments below! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh!

Cutest Moments With Kitten Nikita! Soo Adorable!!

WARNING: This MAY cause you to adopt a kitten immediately following the video. Really. It’s that cute! Say hello to kitten Nikita! This is an adorable little compilation of her cutest moments when she was only 5 weeks old. Another fair warning… this is cute enough to make a grown man squeal in giddy kitten delight. :-p Enjoy! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh!

Dancing Line of Kittens! Sooo Cute!

This might be the cutest thing we’ve seen all week! Seriously. SO. CUTE! These kittens are lined up and ready to dance for you! Except the white kitty. He sometimes does his own thing… he’s a bit of a rebel kitty. 😉 Get ready to “awww!” This is adorable and totally worth watching! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh!

So You Love Cats & Batman, Right? Meet BaneCat. Ridiculously Good!

An instant classic! The internet just produced another fabulous cat video and this one does NOT disappoint. Even the dog lovers out there will enjoy this one! Seriously, there needs to be MORE BaneCat. (I suspect there will be soon…) Check it out! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh!

After you watch a kitten playing with an iPad, your life is complete :)

This cutie is stuck on a hard level of his favorite iPawd game! 😉 How frustrating! But we don’t mind watching him chase that mouse with all his might. I seriously think this may be the cutest 12 seconds I’ve experienced in a while. I can’t handle it. I mean seriously, how adorable is that little move at 5 seconds in?! SHARE this cute kitty with someone! SHARE this cute kitty with someone!

Mailman Battles with Cat to Deliver Mail

This video began making it’s rounds at the beginning of this year, but it’s one of those videos that will NEVER get old. Get ready to laugh, because this cat is about to battle the mailman through the door… and it’s hilarious! Can you imagine being in the mailman’s shoes? How would you handle this silly situation?! Did you laugh hysterically? SHARE this! Did you laugh hysterically? SHARE this!

A Cat’s Guide to Loving Your Human!

Cats are caring animals, but you have to understand they’re quirks to truly see their compassion! We have the perfect video for all of you cats who haven’t quite figured out how to love your human yet, and all of you humans who don’t understand your cat’s crazy mannerisms. This is purrfect! So grab your cat and pull up a seat! This video will surely bring a smile to your face! 🙂 SHARE this with a fellow cat lover! SHARE … Read more

Monkey Adopts Kitten As His Own!

While filming at the Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, something rather unique was caught on film. A monkey “adopted” a kitten as his own! Now, we don’t really recommend this sort of thing but since this was truly in the wild, chances are the monkey was helping to take care of the feral kitten. And while a kitten’s mom is the best choice for a kitten, this monkey showed this little kitty the best love he could provide. How … Read more