Expert Level: Can You Find The Hidden Cat?

Alright, all you cat-spying sleuths… we’ve got a challenge for you! The other day we shared a vintage ad with a hidden cat in the picture. It wasn’t the trickiest puzzle we’ve ever seen, but it was still a really cool piece of history. Thanks to History Collections Librarian Melissa Nasea, we’ve been lent another brainteasing ad to share with you, and it’s a big challenge! This image, circa 1882, was used as an advertisement for Dr. E. C. Abbey and … Read more

2-Legged Cat & His Handi-Capable Sister Show That With Love, Anything Is Possible

Just a few years ago internet celebri-cat, Able Maew was just another stray trying to survive on the streets of Lat Prao, Thailand. Today he has a loving home, an adopted sister, and nearly 70,000 Instagram followers. After losing his tail and two front legs in an accident, Able had to relearn everything, from standing up to tackling stairs. Despite their disabilities, Able and his sister, FinFin – who is paralyzed in her rear limbs – run, jump, play and … Read more

Trucker Uses His Resources To Rescue A Kitten Stuck On A High Overpass

When a trucker driver in Bangkok, Thailand spotted a stranded kitten on a stories-high overpass, he didn’t hesitate to risk his life to save him. After spotting the helpless ginger baby, the driver pulled his truck over near the bottom of the overpass and used the hydraulic lift to raise the bed at an angle. Bravely scaling the height, he had to balance on a metal edge in order to reach the terrified tabby. Once they were both safely on the ground, this good … Read more

Clever Rescue Kitty Learns To Open Door To Be Close To Her Parents

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis, a lovely retired couple from Ely, Cambridgeshire, England, adopted their cat Muffin from Wood Green’s Animal Shelter 3 years ago. They knew from the start that Muffin was a handful – the shelter tech recommended they wear leather motorcycle gloves to handle her! – but they had no idea that their new rescue kitty was also quite clever. While gardening one day, Mr. Ellis was shocked to find Muffin watching him. He carried her back inside and … Read more

Their Parents Wanted A Dog But Were Shown That Cats Can Be Adventurous

Fish isn’t your ordinary feline. In fact, he’s proven to be a very special cat. His parents were looking for a dog when they found him, thinking that they needed a canine companion to join them on their many outdoor adventures. But Fish proved to them that cats can be just as courageous in the wilderness. Thankfully, his humans instantly fell in love with their little feline friend, even though they had no idea just what was in store on … Read more

Program Allows Shelter Cat To Visit With Critically Ill Hospital Patients

A very special intensive care nurse at UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco is spreading joy, hope and healing – all without even standing up! Duke Ellington Morris the Cat is a robust black and white rescue from the San Francisco SPCA. The laid-back kitty happily cruises the hospital halls soothing patients and stressed-out staff alike.   Duke is part of a unique partnership between the SPCA and the hospital known as the animal-assisted therapy program in which shelter pets visit with … Read more

Newlyweds & Their Amazing Cat Document Their Epic Cross-Country Adventures

Chances are Vladimir Kitten has seen more of the United States in his single year on Earth than most American adults. That’s because Vlad is an adventure cat. He is the kitty-son of newlyweds, Cees and Madison Hofman and they are spending their first year of marital bliss exploring all 59 US national parks in their trusty 1989 Toyota motorhome. A photo posted by Our Vie (@ourvieadventures) on Jun 11, 2016 at 12:33pm PDT Vlad and his litter were abandoned by … Read more

Kitten Who Fell Into Oil Drum Miraculously Survives, Against All Odds

A stray black kitten named Sila found herself in a scary, sticky situation when she fell into drum of used engine oil. It was a miracle that the kitten was found in time, and an even bigger one that she survived. As it turns out, the kitten had ingested some of the toxic oil that she had fallen in after her spill. The kitten was rushed to the Just Cats rescue in Tasmania, where she was given emergency care. “It was a … Read more

No One Can Beat This Clever Cat At His Favorite Game

We all know that cats are super smart, but this clever kitty purrfectly illustrates just how observant they can be! Snow the American Curl has a favorite game, and he can’t be beat! When his human hides a ping-pong ball under a series of cups and switches them around, he’s always able to keep track of where its hidden. In this game, the kitty’s amazing hunting skills are put to good use! Watch him ace the challenge below: A video posted … Read more

Watch This Paternal Cat Comfort A Goat While She’s In Labor

We’ve seen dozens of stories of criss-species friendships (and we love them all), but this unique relationship is certainly a first! When a pregnant goat went into labor, Pretty Boy, a fluffy ginger cat, took it upon himself to become her stand-in birthing coach! From snuggling beside her to massaging her belly while she had contractions, Pretty Boy made the strenuous process a little easier for his goat friend. Watch the amazing video below: Those sweet little baby goats are just … Read more