Selfie-Loving Kitten Sneaks Into Police Station And Steals Hearts

A few days ago, a white and black 4- or 5-month-old kitten snuck into the Columbia Police Department station in South Carolina and stole some hearts. The police department posted these pictures on Facebook with the caption: “Meow wait just a minute… this furry feline stopped by #CPDWestRegion to say we were posting too many dog pictures and needed to show cats some love also #catsrule.” The kitten was later taken to a vet, where he was found to be a male without … Read more

World’s First Kitty Train Raises Awareness For At-Risk Cats

All aboard the kitty train! The Japanese rescue group, Sanctuary recently came up with an innovative idea to help change the cultural perception of cats and promote feline adoption. Inspired by the popularity of Sanctuary’s own chain of cat cafes, the rescue teamed up with Yoro Railway to plan a unique day of food, fun and furry friends aboard the train that runs between Ogaki and Ikeno. Tickets for the one-day-only Cat Cafe Train event went on sale August 7 and all 40 … Read more

Cat Mom Builds A “Kitty Playhouse” So Her Felines Can Enjoy The Outdoors In Safety

When Bernie, who lives in Fallon, Nevada, realized that her cats were in danger by roaming outside, she was determined to solve the problem. The cat mom knew that coyotes, cruel humans, and even her neighbor’s unleashed dogs were constant threats to her beloved pets’ safety. So “out of desperation,” as she explains, Bernie came up with a genius solution: she built a huge “Kitty Playhouse” that her pets could access any time of the day or night!   Using … Read more

You’ll Be Mesmerized Watching This Chef Make Sushi For His Cats!

YouTubers Rachel and Jun are a married couple living in Japan with their cats Haku, Poki and Nagi. Their furkids live a pretty good life being loved on by their humans, receiving toys from their fans around the world, and getting to eat the delicious, cat-safe food Jun makes for them on his cooking channel, JunsKitchen. Jun prepares mostly cuisine meant for people, but will also occasionally prepare healthy meals for his cats. He likes to celebrate their birthdays by … Read more

Vet Saves Poisoned Cat’s Life With An Unexpected Antidote

One very sick kitty has a new lease on life and a fun new name thanks to the quick-thinking of a veterinarian at Australia’s RSPCA Animal Emergency Hospital at Wacol. “Tipsy” the tomcat was saved from certain death with an IV infusion of ethanol – in the form of vodka – after ingesting a toxic dose of antifreeze.   The one-year-old stray kitty was found in a deadly state outside a Lowood, Australia tire shop last week. He was hypothermic … Read more

Cat Begs His Human To Go For A Walk & Saves The Life Of An Elderly Neighbor

Bandit the cat is unusual in many ways. Once a kitty living in a no-kill shelter, he was adopted by Fran Swayze, who fell in love with him immediately. Bandit has made himself right at home at their condo in the Buena Vista Senior Community in Texas, and Swayze is happy to cater to his lovable quirks. For instance, the tabby kitty enjoys exploring, and begs his human to take him on walks every day! About a week ago, when Swayze’s daughter … Read more

Cat Isn’t Scared To Approach Lion At Animal Rescue

Alright, house kitties, I don’t want to see any of you trying this at home! Baggy is a “housemeow” known to hold down the fort at the Care Rescue Texas, a nonprofit organization that serves as a safe haven for exotic animals to find a place where they are loved and cared for, many of which come from a life of abuse, neglect, or breeding. And it’s been said that Baggy is a “tough little cookie”… but even her humans … Read more

Cat Saves Owner By Attacking & Injuring Burglar In Action

When we think of having animals for protection, we usually imagine specially trained dogs. However, one cat wants us to know that he has what it takes to hold his ground against an intruder. Binky the cat even surprised his owner, Cynthia Kootz, by his brave actions.   Kootz, her boyfriend, and Binky had heard a noise behind their garage around midnight, but the humans decided to ignore it. Binky, on the other hand, began growling. Minutes later, a man started … Read more

Cat Loves Doing “Trust Falls” Into Her Human’s Arms

Didga is one incredible cat! If the Australia-dwelling feline seems familiar to you, that’s no surprise – the rescue kitty is famous for surfing, skateboarding, and doing all sorts of adventurous tricks. But despite all the incredible things she can do, the simple trick in the video below may be one of her most impressive. With nothing but gentle encouragement, Didga willingly performs “trust falls” for her human! What’s so unbelievable about this stunt is that doing it goes completely against a cat’s … Read more

Trailblazing Rescue Cat Proves That Leashes Aren’t Just For Dogs

In Seattle, Washington, a trailblazing feline has become something of a local celebrity. Magic is a 1-year-old  kitty with an adventurous spirit that’s been nurtured by parents Eric and Erica. Noticing his curiosity for the outdoors early on, the couple put him in a harness and took him for a stroll. A post shared by Magic (@furrymagic) on Nov 12, 2016 at 8:46am PST With some practice, Magic became very comfortable on a leash, and now, they take him for hikes … Read more