NJ Town Displays Dog & Cat Sculptures To Raise Money For Pets In Need

This year marks Boonton, New Jersey’s seventh annual art celebration, Dog Days of Summer & Some Cool Cats. The cute and colorful presentation showcases local artists and features sculptural representations of our favorite furry friends. While some of the proceeds benefit local schools and future arts projects, the majority goes to nearby NorthStar Pet Rescue.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Michelle Mykowski (@michellem701) on Sep 18, 2018 at 12:07pm PDT So far, more than … Read more

Your Cat Is Your Unique, Treat Him To A Food That’s Just As Special As He Is

Your cat is a hunter, chasing red dots. He’s a world-class napper. He pours himself into boxes and claws scratching posts. He’s totally one-of-a-kind and he does it all with a yawn and a flick of his tail. So cool. There is no other cat in the world like your cat. So it’s important to keep your kitty in tip-top shape as best you can, because he won’t be replaced. The road to health starts at his bowl – and … Read more

Police Officer Rescues Kitten From Highway And Gives Her A Home

On December 20, 2018, this teeny kitten was abandoned on a highway barrier in the middle of six lanes of high-speed, roaring traffic. She had been stranded for hours with nowhere to go, frigid temperatures and high winds made worse by the passing cars. Luckily, she was seen by a police officer who could help bring her to safety. Officer Jason Smith with the North Kansas City Police Department saw the cat in it’s dangerous perch and pulled quickly onto … Read more

Chatty Senior Shelter Cat Says “Hello” To Her Visitors

“Hello… Is it meow you’re looking for?” This is Ruby, a black beauty at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary in the UK. She’s an older girl between the ages of 12 and 16, and with that age comes some unique wisdom and ability. She held a very pleasant (if repetitive) conversation with a woman at the shelter a few days ago, and has earned a place in our hearts! What could Ruby have to say that’s so wonderful?   She’s saying hello … Read more

28-Toed Cat Ties World Record For Feline With The Most Digits

Paws the polydactyl cat began her life as a stray mama on a Minnesota maple syrup farm. Now she’s a Guinness World Record holder! Paws is tied for the title of “Most Toes On A Cat” with a Canadian kitty named Jake. Both cats have 28 toes total. Paws has three extra digits on each forepaw and one extra on each back paw, while Jake has seven toes on each of his four feet.   Polydactyly is a genetic trait … Read more

Equestrian Cat Loves Hitching A Ride On His Pony Best Friend

Is there anyone cats can’t charm? This incredible feline has managed to make a pal out of this gorgeous spotted horse, and the two friends are going for a stroll through the country! The weather may not be the best, but that won’t keep them from enjoying the beautiful scenery together. Both pets live with Emma Massingale, a professional horse trainer in Devon, England. Louis is a six-year old Siamese cat, and Comet is a five-year old pony. They only … Read more

Photographer Captures The Swirling Beauty Of Her Cats’ Eyes

Have you ever really taken the time to gaze into your cat’s magnificently intricate eyes? Whether they are blue, green, brown, or golden, each feline’s irises have an entire world of swirling colors and flecks within them. Tina Engstrøm Grytdal is a nurse by trade, but her true passion is photographing her three kitties, Zelda, Zonic, and Zorro. Her lens captures the unique beauty of each cat’s eyes.   Grytdal specializes in macro photography, a technique involving extreme close-ups of small … Read more

This Cat Swims So Gracefully, She May Be Part Otter!

Most cats are totally terrified of water. Even the sound of running water makes feline eyes grow three times their normal size, fur stands straight up, and panic sets in before the first drop even hits the drain. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. Meet Sasha – who looks like swimming comes so naturally, she might actually be part otter! She swims so gracefully you might forget that there are cats who can’t stand even being near water! Ahh, that … Read more

Elusive Sand Cat Kittens Are Filmed In Their Habitat For The First Time Ever

The footage below is the first of its kind – and it’s also absolutely adorable! Sand cats, which live in the Sahara dessert, are incredibly elusive and difficult to spot, let alone catch on film. Nocturnal and crepuscular most of the time, these small felines are experts at camouflage. While adult sand cats are hard enough to find in the wild, their kittens are an even rarer sight…but now we can watch them, thanks to this incredible footage. Scientists and … Read more