Your Cat’s Four Favorite Places To Be Petted

All cats are individuals with their own likes and dislikes, but there are some generalizations we can make about domestic felines as a whole. One thing we know for certain is that there are some places just about every cat loves to be petted. Most of this area is around the head and neck, but you’ll have to use your own judgment on your cat’s preferences to determine which area is best. #1 – Chin Most cats love a good … Read more

8 Of The World’s “Craziest” Cat Ladies & Gents

First off, let’s be clear: we DON’T think these folks are off their rockers. When we say “crazy,” we mean that they’re crazy about cats! We love how nowadays, the terms “crazy cat lady” or “crazy cat guy” are worn like badges of honor–as they should be! Below are 8 of the biggest, most dedicated cat enthusiasts out there. 1. The Woman Who Cares For 1,100 Cats Lynda Lattanzio is “the ultimate cat lady” in the most classic sense: she lives with over 1,000 … Read more

5 Fun Facts About Maine Coons

Maine Coons are one of the most popular cat breeds and we’re not surprised – they’re some really awesome felines! If you’re not familiar with these cool cats, you should take some time to get to know them. After learning more about them, you might find yourself wanting to bring one home! #1 – They’re the largest domestic cat breed. They are big, muscular cats that boast an average weight of 13-18 pounds. They average 10-16” tall and up to … Read more

6 Fun Facts About Hairless Cats

Few cat breeds are so obviously unique as the hairless cat breeds. Easily recognized by their smooth bodies, these cats are the subject of much speculation. Rightfully so, they’re really neat cats! They offer as much in personality as they do in their peculiar looks. You’ve probably got some questions about these interesting felines, so we’re going to go over a few things for you. #1 – There are 5 recognized hairless cat breeds. These are the Sphynx, Donskoy, Ukrainian … Read more

From The Vet: 5 Odd Cat Behaviors Demystified

Your cat is your friend and your housemate, but he is not so far removed genetically from his early feline ancestors. Cats do some odd things, and if you really think about their roots as felines, you can see that these behaviors are just a part of what makes them unique and fun. Here are 5 odd cat behaviors, explained. 1. Why do cats rub their faces on things? There may be many reasons why cats do this.  First, in an interaction … Read more

3 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Cat’s Vision

Cats are incredible animals with many unique features, but perhaps a favorite of many cat owners is their eyes. Cats have big, beautiful eyes that are as functional as they are breathtaking. However, they are still very different from our own eyes and have their own distinctive features. #1 – Low-Light Vision Cats can’t see in complete darkness, but they can see very well in low light. In fact, they only need about 1/6th of the light we do to … Read more

Why Do Cats Have Slits In Their Ears?

If you’ve looked at a cat long enough, you’ve probably noticed they have some very interesting ears. Not only are they unique in their movement and hearing ability, they also have some odd features that aren’t common to other animals. One of these is a tiny pocket on the outside of the ears. It’s a small, fuzzy little pocket that is just at the base of the outer ear. This pocket, called the Henry’s pocket or cutaneous marginal pouch, is … Read more

International Cat Calling! Are You Doing It Right?

If you’ve ever traveled internationally, you may have discovered that making feline friends abroad can be quite difficult. It isn’t that the cats don’t like you, they just don’t understand that you’re trying to call them over to say hello! Every nation has it’s own customs and traditions, and one of the things overlooked is how people interact with animals. In the United States, we’re likely to say, “Here Kitty Kitty!” But if you try this in other places, you’re … Read more

8 Fun Facts About Tabby Cats

Tabby cats are one of the most classic looking cats, probably because they’re so common. Although they might seem generic to some people, tabby cat owners know that every kitty has something special to offer. Interested in learning more about these awesome felines? Check out these fun facts! 1. Tabby cats have four unique pattern types. These include: mackerel, blotched, striped and ticked. Each of these patterns looks different, but the blotched pattern is the most commonly occurring. Blotched tabbies are … Read more

8 Fun Facts About Black Cats

Black cats have gotten a bad rap for a long time, but most cat lovers know they’re just another awesome feline. Black cats are just as sweet and goofy as any other cat and their coat color has nothing to do with it! Whether you’ve got a black cat or two of your own or are just learning about these dark kitties, we’d love to share some great facts with you. 1. Black cats were originally considered to be good … Read more