5 Rare & Beautiful Cat Breeds

Looking for something other than the “run of the mill” domestic shorthair? Check out these breeds, some of which are not even recognized by the  Cat Fancier’s Association yet. #1 – Chausie   Pronounced “chow-see,” this striking feline has been bred to preserve its likeness to its ancestor the Jungle Cat. Often referred to as a mini cougar, they are good hunters and very agile. (Source: The International Cat Association) Click page 2 below for the next breed! #2 – … Read more

The 5 Smallest Cat Breeds In Existence

Some cats are smaller than others, but have you ever wondered how tiny cats can be? Although there are people breeding for miniature sizes, there are some breeds that have just managed to stay small. If you’re looking for a compact feline to join your family, take a look at our list below! #1 – American Curl These unique felines sport ears that are curled backwards! Originating in Southern California, these kitties weigh roughly 5-10 pounds. Click page 2 below … Read more

The 10 Newest Cat Breeds

Just as there are new dog breeds popping up left and right, there are new cat breeds too! From small and fluffy to large and exotic, these new felines will be sure to make you smile. #1 – American Curl These beautiful cats sport an interesting trait – their ears curl backwards! As interesting as their ears might be their story, as this breed originates from a kitten found in Southern California back in 1981. Said kitten had the same … Read more

Three Common Cat Myths Busted

There are a number of myths about cats that are often accepted as fact.  Truth is, these myths are downright fiction, and taking them as fact can even endanger your cat’s life.  Let’s look at a few of them. Cats Always Land on Their Feet You may marvel at your cat’s ability to seemingly land on its feet every time it falls.  Yes, cats do have an incredible talent to change their positioning in midair so that their feet land … Read more