10 Signs You’re a Crazy Cat Person

Do you refer to your cat as your kid? Do your friend’s roll their eyes anytime another Fluffy story starts? Here are 10 signs you maybe a Crazy Cat Person. (It’s okay, we are crazy cat people too!) #1 – Toilet Trained Tabby Have you trained your cat to go to the bathroom on your toilet? If so, you are probably a crazy cat person…and short a few friends. Click page 2 below for the next sign! #2 – Never … Read more

10 Must-Have Items for Traveling With Your Cat

More and more places are becoming pet-friendly, which is awesome for us because it means we can bring our cats! We know that most people want to take their dogs along, but why is it weird to bring our kitties? If you feline friend has a love for traveling, or if you’re unable or unwilling to spend the money on boarding and/or pet sitting, taking your cat with you might be the best option. But what do we need to … Read more

10 Reasons Every City Needs a Cat Café

San Francisco and New York now have cat cafés, where you can go, drink tea, eat a sandwich, and even a adopt one of the kitties roaming around. We think this idea is the cat’s meow and here’s 10 reasons every city needs one. #1 – Increased adoptions The cats in the cafés are up for adoption! What a great way to get to know your future roommate and to get attention from potential adopters. After all, how you can … Read more

10 Famous Works of Art Made Better With Cats

Leonardo Di Vinci, Botticelli, Michelangelo…they all forgot something when they were creating their masterpieces – cats. Thankfully, Russian artist Svetlana Petrova, with help from her cat Zarathustra and a computer, are fixing their mistakes. #1 -The Mona Lisa Now we know why she is smiling. She is holding a fat cat! So much for the secret, I guess we can all go home now. (Image source: FatCatArt) Click page 2 below for the next masterpiece! #2 – Pallas and the … Read more

8 Reasons Your Cat Needs a Buddy

Ever wonder if your bachelor cat would prefer having a friend? While not all cats enjoy the company of another feline, many are much happier with another cat buddy in the home. #1 -Companionship Yes your cat has you, but you don’t speak the same language as your cat does. Most cats seem to enjoy the company of another cat so they can share cat secrets. (Image source: @JamesCase via Flickr) Click page 2 below for the next reason! #2 … Read more

The 10 Most Unique Looking Cat Breeds

Every cat is unique with it’s own looks and personality, but when most people think of cats, they think of a fairly generic looking animal. There are, however, some very strange looking cat breeds out there. Have you ever seen a cat with folded ears or curly hair? Check out our list below to see the unique breeds we could find! #1 – American Curl This unique cat gets its name from its ears. They originated in California and were the … Read more

10 Reasons Black Cats Are AWESOME!

Cat lovers love all cats, but there is something truly special about our dark-furred friends. Here are 10 reasons why black cats are great. Remember them next time you go to the shelter to pick out a new kitty companion because they are the least likely to get adopted according to shelter studies. #1 -They always look clean Unlike white cats, your black cat doesn’t show the dirt and grime. He doesn’t care if its muddy or dusty outside, his black coat … Read more

8 High Fashion Items Every Cat Lover Needs!

Looking to add some style to your wardrobe? Look no further. Here we’ve compiled a list of 8 must-have items for cat lovers everywhere. You’ll be rocking the party no matter where you go, but make sure to get enough cat hair on them before you head out the door! #1 – When It Rains, It Paws Umbrella Stuck unprepared in a summer shower? Trying to get ready for the cooler weather? Never fear, the When It Rains, It Paws umbrella … Read more

10 Iconic Cartoon Cats and Their Real-Life Counterparts

These 10 cats have a cool side and they show it by matching up with some of the world’s most iconic cats. Do you have a kitty that impersonates a cat star? Which one? #1 -Garfield Known the world over, Garfield was the original “grumpy cat.” This ginger counterpart has the Garfiled grimace downpat – looks like he just pushed Odie off the table on a Monday.   #2 – Hello Kitty Hello Kitty’s large head and round eye have … Read more

10 Household Items That Make Great Cat Toys!

Bored Kitty? Looking for something he can do but don’t want to spend any money? Never fear! You have 10 fun, exciting items right in your house – you just have to look! #1 – Paper Bag There is something about this cavernous, crinkly thing that just makes cats happy. Lay a few down on their sides, and you cat will play for hours; sprinkle some catnip in them for an extra treat. #2 – Boxes Nothing entertains a cat … Read more