Should I Get My Cat Professionally Groomed?

Cats basically groom themselves, right? Why would anybody pay to get their cat groomed by a stranger? As it turns out, a cat’s tongue, teeth, and saliva can only do so much. Hopefully, your cat will allow you to groom them yourself, but sadly, that’s not always the case. That’s when a professional becomes needed. Here are the main types of grooming that cats usually need. If you are unable to do these things, it may be time to take … Read more

Why You Should Never Trim Your Cat’s Whiskers

Have you ever seen a shaved cat and wondered why its whiskers were left long? Have you ever thought about trimming your cat’s whiskers, either because you think it will help her look better or because you think they might be getting in her way? Whiskers aren’t just accessories – they actually provide vital information to your cat and act as an additional sensory system. And they don’t only sprout from your kitty’s snout. Whiskers (called vibrissae) also grow above their … Read more

Looking to Reduce Shedding and Hairballs? Try this…

Is your cat a super-shedder? You may feel like your house is just made of fur at this point, the legendary Furminator has met it’s match, and your clothes are all a cotton/cat hair blend, but don’t give up hope. If you’re looking to give your brushing-hand a rest, consider giving your cat an omega fatty acid supplement. Omega fatty acids have several benefits for pets, my favorite being that they can help reduce shedding in your cat. Shedding happens … Read more

This Simple Hack Helps You Restrain Your Cat Comfortably & Safely

There are certain aspects of cat ownership we all wish we could avoid (no, I’m not talking about cleaning the litterbox!). Trimming nails, giving medications and loading our feline friends into their crates can be stressful, exhausting and potentially dangerous. This simple technique used by veterinarians may be the answer to safely and gently providing your kitty with the care she needs – and all it takes is a bath towel! Dr. Sophia Yin was a world renowned veterinary behaviorist … Read more

Our Top 10 Grooming Supplies Picks

One of the reasons we love cats is that they tend to keep themselves tidy and require somewhat less grooming than our canine friends. No cat can keep themselves completely clean and healthy without a little help from us though, so it’s important to know which grooming supplies are the best. With links to each product, here are our top 10 picks for kitty grooming supplies. #1 – Shampoo (wet or dry) or wipes If you have an indoor cat … Read more

Ask A Vet: Do I Really Need To Brush My Cat’s Teeth?

Dental health has been proven to affect overall health for cats. If you can see brown or yellow buildup on your cat’s teeth, then there are trillions of bacteria present on the surface of the teeth. These bacteria cause dental pain and infection. This type of infection can go to other organs, creating abscesses, heart disease, and other serious issues. Dental disease is bad for your cat’s physical health and if his bad breath is obvious, it is affecting his emotional health … Read more

5 High-Maintenance Cat Breeds

Cats are known for being relatively low-maintenance pets, but that isn’t always the case. They’re often much more affectionate than many people expect them to be, which means they don’t do well when left alone for long periods of time, like one may think. Others are prone to health problems or require extensive grooming. Granted, if you know what to expect when adopting one of these breeds, they make very rewarding companions. #1 – Norwegian Forest Cat The Norwegian Forest Cat … Read more

Ask A Groomer: 4 Tips For Grooming Your Cat At Home

Sometimes your cat’s too dirty for just a tongue bath. It’s also up to you to trim their nails and clean out their ears, and regular brushing cuts down on hairballs. With information from ASPCA, Love That Pet, and Petfinder, here are 4 tips for grooming your cat at home. #1 – Nail trimming   If your cat has never tolerated having their nails trimmed, you may need to start from scratch. (Get it?!) When they’re calm, such as after … Read more

3 Helpful Tips To Make Your Cat’s Nail Trimming Session Easier

Nail trims can be difficult for cats to accept and even more difficult for owners to perform, which is why so many people take their cats to a groomer or veterinarian’s office to get the task done. But trimming your cat’s nails doesn’t have to be an epic battle – it can become a fun, easy part of your regular grooming routine. With these tips, you’ll be on your way to a comfortable nail trim for everyone in no time. … Read more

3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Cat’s Ears

Ears are arguably one of the cutest features on our cats, as proven by the many cat-ear hats, hoods and costumes there are out there. Since cats use their ears so much to communicate, it can be endearing to see all of the different ways they move around. Just like us, though, their ears need some special care to keep infections and other ailments away. There’s nothing too complicated about caring for your cat’s ears, but it’s good to know … Read more