8 Of The Friendliest Cat Breeds

It’s hard to decide which cat breeds are the friendliest, since most cats are friendly, regardless of breed. But there are some that are more apt to welcome strangers than others, so we’ve focused on the cat breeds that seem to enjoy meeting new people and spend less alone time than their feline cousins. Every cat is an individual, but these breeds typically offer cats that are quite the social butterflies. #1 – Ragdoll The Ragdoll is aptly named for … Read more

4 Awesome Facts About Manx Cats

Manx cats are known for their adorable bobbed tails, but they certainly have a lot more to offer than just their looks. If you’re familiar with the breed, then none of this information will come as a surprise to you. But if you’re just learning about these awesome little felines, we hope you’ll enjoy the fun facts we have to share! The Manx is a neat cat you need to meet! #1 – Not All Manx Are Tailless Although taillessness … Read more

10 Longhaired Cat Breeds With Irresistible Fur

There are few things more beautiful than a long, luxurious coat on a gorgeous cat. When well-groomed, it makes these felines look like some of the most majestic and regal animals in existence. Long-haired cats might take some extra brushing time than other breeds, but they are well-worth the added effort. Bask in their beauty, snuggle their soft fur and enjoy their silly personalities! #1 – Birman The Birman is a long-haired, colorpointed cat also considered to be the “Sacred … Read more

7 Reasons Why Maine Coon Cats Are Awesome

We cat lovers enjoy every member of the feline kind, but there is something truly special about Maine Coon cats. Is it their thick fur? Their charming personalities? Their often-impressive size? We say, there’s a lot to love about these kitties, because they’ve got the whole package! To illustrate our point, here are 7 reasons why Maine Coon cats are totally and completely awesome. 1. Their Luxuriously Fluffy Coats The thick, fluffy coat of a Maine Coon is simply irresistible to look at … Read more

Which Of These Cats Is Better For An Allergy Sufferer? You Might Be Surprised.

For those of us that are allergic to cats (and still love them), the search has always been on to find one that we can be around without the pesky symptoms of allergy. If you are allergic to cats, especially if your allergy produces an asthma attack, your best bet is to avoid exposure to all cats.  But some of us want to be around cats without itchy eyes, a runny nose and congested head.   If you had a … Read more

This Cat Ended Up Loving Bath Time!

Some cats are really well-behaved when it comes to bath time. If you have one of these cats, consider yourself a lucky owner! Check out this video of a beautiful Sphynx hopping in the tub after a little bit of coaxing with one of her favorite toys. Sphynx cats need to be washed frequently to wash away the oil that accumulates on their hairless skin, since they do not have any fur to spread or absorb it. If they aren’t bathed properly or often enough, they … Read more

10 Reasons Why Calico Cats Are Awesome

There’s no denying that Calico cats are cool. From their interesting tricolor patterns to their well-known sweet personalities, calico cats have captured the hearts of many people all around the world! So we’ve put together a list of the many reasons why calico cats are so awesome, beside from the fact that they’re cats and naturally we love them! Got anything fun you’d like to share about your calico sweetie? We’d love to hear from you:) And as always, share … Read more

7 Cat Breeds That Are Very Independent

All cats are thought of as independent, especially when compared to dogs. While every cat has his own personality, some breeds tend to be more independent than others. If you are looking for a cat that will only solicit attention at meal times, or won’t mind you being at work all day, check out these 9 independent feline breeds. #1 – Japanese Bobtail A highly active cat, the Japanese Bobtail has too much to do and see to sit on … Read more

9 Cat Breeds That Love To Snuggle

Some kitties want nothing more than to snuggle up with you and never let you leave. In fact, if your lap is empty, they will quickly fix that problem. Trying to work on your computer? No chance as these kitties will be on the keyboard purring loudly until you scratch them. If you are looking for a cuddly cat, try one of these breeds that are known for being affectionate felines. #1 –  Ragdoll Siamese If you have ever owned … Read more

9 Cat Breeds That LOVE To Chat

We all have cats, in part, because they are great companions. They can make an empty house a home in no time flat. But, if you are looking for a feline friend that will carry on a conversation with you, check out one of these nine chatty cat breeds. #1 – Siamese A popular breed because of their looks and amazing personality, the Siamese is also known for being loud “talkers.” They will not only have a conversation with you, … Read more