10 Reasons Cats Don’t Like Drinking Out Of Water Bowls

Have you ever wondered why your cat prefers to drink from a dripping faucet rather than her water bowl? It turns out there are many good reasons associated with their wild history that might make cats prefer running water. From Vet Street and Pet Barn, here are 10 reasons your cat doesn’t like drinking out of her bowl. #1 – Cats can hear running water better than they can see flat water. Cats have a very keen sense of hearing and … Read more

11 Things Cats Wish Humans Wouldn’t Do

Our cats enrich our lives so much, it pains us to think that we’d do anything to upset them. However, there is a slight language barrier between our species and theirs, so there are things we may accidentally do that they dislike. If you’ve done anything on the list below, don’t worry; nobody is perfect (except our cats, of course!) and luckily, our felines always find it in their hearts to forgive us. But by being aware of what bothers them, we … Read more

5 Ways To Tell Your Cats You Love Them In Their Own Language

One of the many subtle ways that our cats communicate their affection for us is through their tails. Animal behaviorist Marilyn Krieger says that a curved tail, puffed up at the base and subtly quivering is a surefire “I love you” from your cat. Also, a tail twined around an arm or leg of a favorite human is a cat’s attempt at “holding hands.” Unfortunately, we humans lack the anatomy to return these signs of affection, but there are several … Read more

9 Signs Your Cat Actually Loves You

Have you ever wondered if your cat loves you? Cats express love for their owners in a number of ways. While some of these may be a bit obvious, other tokens of their affection have some hidden meaning behind them and you may have overlooked them not even realizing. Here’s a list of 9 signs your cat actually loves you: 1. Your cat brings you their “presents” Not for the faint of heart, when your cat brings you their kill … Read more

Man Creates A Sanctuary For Homeless Cats In Honor Of The Son He Lost

On a typical residential street in Medford, NY sits a home that is anything but typical. Chris Arsenault’s modest Long Island residence serves as a shelter, rehab and nursery for more than 300 cats. All of the cats at Arsenault’s Happy Cat Sanctuary have been rescued from lives of abuse and neglect on the streets and from hoarding situations. At HCS they find safety, comfort and most importantly, love. 58-year-old Arsenault suffered a devastating loss in 2006 when his son … Read more

Curious Kittens Can’t Figure Out The Mystery Of The Bidet

Ah, kittens. Those mischievous little creatures. It doesn’t take much to pique their curiosity, and when it happens, it’s so funny! (Not to mention, completely adorable!) It looks like these two Bengal babies have just discovered their human’s bidet. Every time the water squirts up at them, they just can’t figure out what the heck is going on! Check out their priceless reactions: They say cats hate water (although we know for a fact that some love it!), but these two don’t mind getting a … Read more

Ask A Vet: Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Clothes?

Cats are definitely unique and sometimes quirky. It is why we love them.  They love to develop habits and have very specific preferences. Some cats prefer to sleep high above the fray on perches or furniture and some cats prefer to hide in closets. Cats even show specific preferences for certain fabrics and types of beds and many owners report that their cats like to sleep on their clothes. I think this tendency to make preference may go back to … Read more

5 Facts About Tuxedo Cats

Tuxedo cats are beautiful felines and there’s more to appreciate about them than just their coats. These cats have captured the hearts of many an animal lover, so we thought we’d introduce you to some unique facts! Tuxedo cats are named for the color pattern they have. Specifically, they have white on their chests and stomachs and sometimes on their feet, chins and neck. Although the classic tuxedo pattern is black and white, the color can vary as much as … Read more

Ask A Vet: Why Does My Cat Meow At Me?

I think we can all agree that meowing is a form of communication. Animal experts agree that meows are attempting to convey a need, physical, emotional or social. People seem to accept that cats speak through meows, but actually, adult felines rarely communicate with each other in this way. However, everyone who lives with a cat knows that her meow carries meaning in the human-cat interaction. In fact, if you ask an individual cat owner to interpret the sounds of … Read more

Ask A Vet: Top 5 Items Every Cat Owner Should Have

If you have a cat then you want to reward her for making you smile every day. Here is our top 5 list of things that every cat owner should have for their fur-iend. Fleece beds and hiding places Studies have shown that cat actually prefer fleece as a bedding over other materials and we all know how much cats enjoy boxes and hiding spots. It is affordable and easy to meet these needs. You might have to experiment with … Read more