Why Your Cat Needs To Play

Almost all cats love to play. Kittens are bursting with energy, and though senior kitties may not have as much stamina, chances are, they still enjoy a game or two with you. We know that cats like to play… but did you know that they need this type of activity to stay healthy? According to Dr. Kathryn Primm, our go-to vet here at iHeartCats and owner of the Applebrook Animal Hospital, play is essential for a feline’s overall health. It’s mentally and … Read more

Popular Petition Plans To Change The Law About Cat Hit And Runs

When Gemma Conway’s cat named Bertie disappeared in Dorset, England, she feared the worst. She searched her neighborhood and posted on social media, but weeks and eventually months went by without her feline friend. She worried Bertie had been hit by a car, and reading about the UK’s 1988 Road Traffic Act made her feel worse. According to the law, motorists in the UK are required to file a police report if they are involved in a traffic accident with … Read more

6 Signs Your Cat Is Stressed Out

Cats are very stoic animals and they hide their physical and emotional pain from us very well. Even the most intuitive cat owners might miss some warning signs from time to time. Sometimes, though, we just don’t know what to look for. Cats display symptoms of stress much differently than humans do, so we might be looking for the wrong signs. Stress can also be caused by many different variables, from anxiety to disease. Identify the symptoms of stress early … Read more

5 Cat Breeds That Love To Chat

Cats are all individuals with their own quirks and personalities. Some are more vocal than others, but there are several breeds known for being rather talkative. Owners of these breeds know all too well how demanding their little felines can be and how easily they’ll let you know what’s on their minds. As much of a nuisance as some might expect it to be, we cat lovers find it rather endearing. There are exceptions to every rule of course, but these … Read more

6 Fruits And Veggies Your Cat Will Love

When it comes to giving treats to our cats, we’re always on the lookout for healthy, safe foods. With so many options available in pet supply stores, it can get a little overwhelming trying to chose what’s best for your cat. An emphasis on fresh, whole ingredients has taken precedence, and with good reason – these are the most nutritious foods for our feline friends. So why not take a look at some healthy snacks we can share with our … Read more

Death Metal Drummer Rescues Kitten From Hurricane Irma

Metal musicians may be tough on the outside, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have huge hearts on the inside! Donald Tardy, drummer for Obituary and Florida resident, noticed a kitten outside his neighbor’s house just before Hurricane Irma struck. He offered to help trap her to bring her in for safety, but the neighbors refused. Tardy recalled in a story by REVOLVER Magazine: “Since they didn’t care about this poor, little eight-week-old baby, I spent two hours with my traps … Read more

5 Reasons You Should Talk To Your Cat

People who aren’t big fans of cats sometimes try to make us feel silly about talking to our furry friends, claiming that our cats “can’t understand” what we’re saying anyway. While it’s true that your cat can’t understand your words, she can pick up an incredible amount of information by listening to the tone of your voice, watching your facial expressions, and paying attention to your body language. In fact, talking to your cat will benefit both of you. Here’s how. #1 – … Read more

5 Reasons Your Cat May Be Biting

Cats have razor sharp teeth even as adults, so it’s no laughing matter if you have a cat that bites. But why is your cat biting? If you don’t know the reason, you can’t look for a solution. “This may be a tough one for you, but cats can’t talk,” says Shawn Simons, headmistress of Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats.  “However, they can communicate. Biting is one of those ways in which they may be trying to tell … Read more

10 Signs You May Actually Be A Cat In Human Form

For a cat person, we love pretty much anything and everything about cats. It doesn’t matter if it’s a t-shirt, a funny cat meme, or maybe even a refrigerator magnet, we simply love cats. And why so? Well, we can relate to them! Most cat lovers are cat people, and that’s their cup of tea. You should know what I mean, right? I’m a self-professed cat lover. And like you, I have been since I was a kid. So, since … Read more

11 Things Humans Do That Cats Dislike

Our cats enrich our lives so much, it pains us to think that we’d do anything to upset them. However, there is a slight language barrier between our species and theirs, so there are things we may accidentally do that cats dislike. If you’ve done anything on the list below, don’t worry; nobody is perfect (except our cats, of course!) and luckily, our felines always find it in their hearts to forgive us. But by being aware of what bothers them, we … Read more