9 Reasons Why Your Cat Keeps Meowing At You

While cats are known by all for their precious meowing, sometimes their meow can serve as an indication that your kitty companion is trying to tell you something. Cats use their meows as a means to express their emotions, so pay attention to these specific meows to let you know just exactly what your kitty is trying to say: 1. To Get Your Attention, Duh! Kittens use their meow when they are born so that their mother can hear them … Read more

How Much Do Rescue Cats Remember From Their Pasts?

Anyone who’s rescued a cat has experienced the unconditional love of a kitty who knows you gave them a second chance. They often come with their own quirks — which we love — but it’s hard to tell if some aspects of their personalities are genetic or remnants from a former life. Worse, they may have developed certain habits, anxieties, or phobias due to past trauma. While we already know that animals can get traumatized from negative situations, most of … Read more

9 Signs Your Cat Truly Loves You

Have you ever wondered if your cat loves you? Cats express love for their owners in a number of ways. While some of these may be a bit obvious, other tokens of their affection have some hidden meaning behind them and you may have overlooked them not even realizing. Here’s a list of 9 signs you are truly loved by your cat: 1. Your cat brings you their “presents” Not for the faint of heart, when your cat brings you … Read more

Looking to Reduce Shedding and Hairballs? Try this…

Is your cat a super-shedder? You may feel like your house is just made of fur at this point, the legendary Furminator has met it’s match, and your clothes are all a cotton/cat hair blend, but don’t give up hope. If you’re looking to give your brushing-hand a rest, consider giving your cat an omega fatty acid supplement. Omega fatty acids have several benefits for pets, my favorite being that they can help reduce shedding in your cat. Shedding happens … Read more

5 Natural Ways to Let Your Cat Relax

Watching your kitty stress out can stress you out too – it’s not just your imagination, it’s been proven. Stress isn’t good for humans or pets, but whatever the reason for your cat’s anxiety, it can often be easily relieved. You can help your cat relax without medication, at home, and in natural ways. Check out some of our tips to let your high-strung kitty chill out. 1. Music Researchers studying the effects of music on cats found that those … Read more

6 Tips For Helping Your Cat Stay Mentally Stimulated

Every cat parent knows that mental and physical stimulation is imperative for cats to live their happiest, healthiest (nine) lives. Cats are very instinctual creatures, so it’s important for them to be able to tap into their primal side. But sometimes, it’s helpful for us humans to have new ideas on how to entertain our kitties and keep things interesting! Below are 6 tips to help keep your cat mentally stimulated. 1. Try Training We get it: many cats aren’t … Read more

Quiz: Are You A Crazy Cat Lady?

Sure, you love cats… but are they your everything? Consider yourself a cat connoisseur and fancy yourself a feline…or two—okay, five? Well, then take our quiz to find out if you really are a crazy cat lady. In this day and age that isn’t such a bad thing–and if you ask me, it’s a badge of honor you should wear proudly!!

5 Reasons You Should Talk To Your Cat

People who aren’t big fans of cats sometimes try to make us feel silly about talking to our furry friends, claiming that our cats “can’t understand” what we’re saying anyway. While it’s true that your cat can’t understand your words, she can pick up an incredible amount of information by listening to the tone of your voice, watching your facial expressions, and paying attention to your body language. In fact, talking to your cat will benefit both of you. Here’s how. A photo … Read more

Research Shows Cats Have 5 Major Personality Types

A recent study was conducted by Dr. Lauren Finka of the University of Lincoln. In the study, she interviewed roughly 200 cat owners to get an idea about the personalities of their feline friends. In the study, she suggests that there are 5 personality types that cats fall into and her results support this. These personalities are influenced both by a cat’s development and upbringing and their genetics. There are of course variations in these personality types, just like with … Read more

10 Reasons Why Calico Cats Are Awesome

There’s no denying that Calico cats are cool. From their interesting tricolor patterns to their well-known sweet personalities, calico cats have captured the hearts of many people all around the world! So we’ve put together a list of the many reasons why calico cats are so awesome, beside from the fact that they’re cats and naturally we love them! Got anything fun you’d like to share about your calico sweetie? We’d love to hear from you:) And as always, share … Read more