5 Ways Cats Are Great For Your Mental Health

While dogs may be called “man’s best friend,” it turns out that cats are also worthy companions. Not only are they as good as dogs at helping people with mental illness, in many cases, they’re actually a better choice at assisting those with anxiety, poor social skills, communication issues, and other struggles related to mental illnesses. While dogs will handle just about anything you throw at them, cats tend to be less tolerant, making them a better therapy tool for … Read more

Is Everything You Thought You Knew About Cats Wrong?

Dogs have been the center of research for decades. Plenty is known about their behavior, personalities, and motivations. The same can’t be said about cats. Research on them has been lacking, partly because they are deemed “untrainable” and difficult to work with. What if the problem is actually that they have different motivations than dogs? While many dogs are extremely food-motivated, a new study indicates that most cats prefer human interaction over anything else, including food. This turns the idea … Read more

Social Media Users Wonder Why The “Swimming Harvey Cat” Wasn’t Rescued

As heartbreaking images of pets caught in the destruction of Hurricane Harvey take over the internet, there’s one picture that stands out. The image of an “angry” cat swimming through floodwater has potential to become the quintessential symbol of the 2017 hurricane season. It’s been shared thousands of times across social media, been turned into memes, and it even made headlines on local news channels. Many people are praising Getty photographer Scott Olson for his quick shooting and perfect timing … Read more

Why Losing A Cat Feels Just Like Losing A Loved One

Pet owners increasingly report thinking of their cats as members of the family. This deep love and attachment is recognized by the media and reflected in consumer trends, yet despite the widely-accepted idea of cats as family, openly grieving the loss of a beloved feline companion is still a bit taboo. Not only is the death of a cat devastating, for many, it hurts just as much as losing a human loved one. A post shared by Mia (@sailaway2u) on … Read more

7 Essential Cat Toys To Keep Your Kitty Entertained

Exercise is crucial for your cat’s health and happiness. 25-40% of cats in the United States are overweight. Cats suffer many of the same health problems related to obesity that people do, so maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for extending your cat’s healthy years. Exercise is also critical for maintaining your cat’s happiness. Since most cats won’t walk nicely around the block with a leash on, the best way for them to get exercise indoors is to play with … Read more

Why Cats Love Having Their Heads Scratched

Have you ever wondered why your cat loves to have his head scratched so much? Sure, she may crave attention in any form she can get it, but it turns out there’s a lot more to it than that. Dr. Nicholas Dodman, author and professor emeritus at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, spoke to Live Science about his theory on why cats love having their heads scratched. According to Dodman, not only does scratching your cat’s head give … Read more

6 Things You Can Do To Help Your Nervous Cat

Does your cat seem to spend more time under your bed than anywhere else in the house? Are they grooming themselves so much that they have bald spots? Are they refusing to use the litter box? These are all signs that your cat is nervous and unhappy. What can you do to help your cat adjust and be happier? Here are 6 ways to help your nervous cat. #1 – Lower your expectations Trying to force your cat to open … Read more

5 Reasons To Keep Your Cat Indoors

Do you struggle with whether or not to let your cat outside to enjoy the great outdoors? Do you think they’d be happier if you could let them out to live on the wild side? The average lifespan of an outdoor cat is only 2-5 years, while the average indoor cat can have 15-20 healthy years. With information from PETA, American Humane, and Drs Foster and Smith, here are some of the factors that lead to low life expectancy for … Read more

Our Top 10 Grooming Supplies Picks

One of the reasons we love cats is that they tend to keep themselves tidy and require somewhat less grooming than our canine friends. No cat can keep themselves completely clean and healthy without a little help from us though, so it’s important to know which grooming supplies are the best. With links to each product, here are our top 10 picks for kitty grooming supplies. #1 – Shampoo (wet or dry) or wipes If you have an indoor cat … Read more

4 Tips For Keeping Cats When You’re Allergic

Have you always wanted a cat, but you’re allergic? Maybe your kids or significant other want a cat. Allergies don’t have to mean a strict ban on pet ownership. The good news is that there are things you can do to alleviate your symptoms enough to live with a cat. Keep in mind that these techniques may be best for those with only mild to moderate cat allergies, and you should decide whether or not you’re willing to do the … Read more