Orthopedic Surgeon Forced To Stop Offering Free Surgery For Pets After Angry Outcry From Veterinary Community

A love for animals unites most pet lovers – but it can divide us just as much. Most of us agree on a few basic things: pets deserve to be happy, healthy, and loved – but how they should receive those things is often the subject of debate. Recently 11Alive.com shared what appeared to be the heartwarming story of Dr. John Keating, an orthopedic surgeon in Atlanta, Georgia, who studied to perform surgery on humans, but had a passion for … Read more

Food Your Feline Will Flip Over

So, your cat means the world to you and you want to give him the absolute best food for his body. Given the chance, your cat is an absolutely stellar hunter but you’re not really keen on the “presents” he leaves on the front step. But you get it. Cats are carnivores and meat is their thing. What if it’s not your thing, though? You want your cat to have the healthiest life possible but you have your limits, right? You’re … Read more

This Kitty Litter Could Save Your Cat’s Life

The litter box in your house might have a bad reputation, but a new name in kitty litter is changing everything pet parents know about how to keep cats healthy. PrettyLitter is the official litter sponsor of iHeartcats, and their revolutionary kitty litter is not only affecting how people view litter boxes, it’s also saving lives and keeping families together. Before PrettyLitter, cat litter was often thought of as a necessary evil. A hassle. Large, heavy bags. The dusty mess. And the odor. Thankfully, … Read more

Petition To Include Pet Food In Food Stamps Gathers Over 90k Signatures

Pet parents consider their companions to be family, so what happens when they fall on hard times, gaining assistance to feed the household – but get no help for their pets? This question was posed in a petition that has gone viral. When Edward B Johnston Jr. encountered a rough patch and enrolled in his local Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), he learned that the food stamps did not include food for his beloved dog. He wrote in the petition: “Unfortunately, … Read more

Should I Get My Cat Professionally Groomed?

Cats basically groom themselves, right? Why would anybody pay to get their cat groomed by a stranger? As it turns out, a cat’s tongue, teeth, and saliva can only do so much. Hopefully, your cat will allow you to groom them yourself, but sadly, that’s not always the case. That’s when a professional becomes needed. Here are the main types of grooming that cats usually need. If you are unable to do these things, it may be time to take … Read more

Beautiful Cat-Safe Alternatives To Traditional Christmas Trees

Christmas trees and cats can be a dangerous combination. Climbing the tree can cause it to topple, tree water that contains preservatives can be toxic, tinsel can clog digestive systems, and ornaments are basically fragile cat toys. So what’s the best way for cat owners to safely celebrate the holidays? These people found clever ways to create beautiful alternatives to the classic Christmas tree that are more pet-friendly than a tree on the floor. Hanging your Christmas tree from the … Read more

After Tragedy, Woman Warns Cat Owners About Toxic Plants This Holiday Season

Samara Sodos spoiled her 12-year-old cat Lucy so much that they were featured in a Tampa Bay magazine spread about pampered pets. Unfortunately, 12 years of love given to the kitten she rescued weren’t enough to save Lucy from the hidden danger of a few lilies in a bouquet of flowers Samara’s sister had sent for her birthday the previous week. Now Samara wants to spread the word about the hidden dangers of houseplants and flowers that are commonly found in … Read more

10 Reasons Cats Don’t Like Drinking Out Of Water Bowls

Have you ever wondered why your cat prefers to drink from a dripping faucet rather than her water bowl? It turns out there are many good reasons associated with their wild history that might make cats prefer running water. From Vet Street and Pet Barn, here are 10 reasons your cat doesn’t like drinking out of her bowl. #1 – Cats can hear running water better than they can see flat water.   Cats have a very keen sense of hearing … Read more

This May Become The First US City Outside California To Ban Cat Declawing

Denver just took another step closer to being the first American city outside of California to ban declawing of cats. At a Denver City Council committee hearing Wednesday morning, a proposal to ban declawing procedures, except in cases of “medical necessity,” was passed unanimously. The full city council will probably introduce the proposed ban on November 6 and could cast a final vote as soon as November 13. The declawing procedure is technically an amputation, as the cat loses all … Read more

How to Keep Your Kitty Happy Indoors

You know the dangers of letting your cat outside (like cars and predators – whether animal or human), but do you worry that an indoor cat can never truly be happy? Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your cat happy and healthy living life indoors. Here are 7 Humane Society-approved tips for keeping your kitty happy indoors. #1 – Start young Kittens who start their life in an indoor lap of luxury are usually quite content … Read more