10 FREE Crochet Patterns For Your Cat

Crocheting is a great way to spend the winter months and it’s even more fun if you are making something for your cat! Here are 10 crochet patterns to make some fun items for your feline. #1 – Cat Bed This fun bed is perfect for any kitty. Have a bigger cat or multiple kitties that like to snuggle? Adjust the size to your heart’s desire. Get the pattern here. Click page 2 below for the next pattern! #2 – TP … Read more

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5 Easy DIY Cat Treat Recipes

With so many different cat treats available, how can you be sure you’re choosing the right ones? There have been recalls and studies about dangerous ingredients and sometimes we just can’t be 100% sure that we’re getting something safe and healthy. But what about making your own? There are some great, easy treat recipes out there we can make from simple ingredients in our kitchen. Check out these recipes below! #1 – Chewy Cat Treats for Cats To celebrate their two year … Read more

DIY Feather Wand Your Cat Will LOVE!

If you’re a cat person, one important thing that you must have is a cat toy. There are several cat toys you can find at local pet stores that your cat will love – we’ve found a feather wand to be at the top of the list. In this video,we will teach you how to make a DIY cat wand that won’t cost much. The materials that you’ll be needing can be available at home and you can even improvise … Read more

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Is Your Cat Stressed?

Humans have lots of stress in their lives, and it’s well known that excessive stress can be unhealthy. But have you ever wondered if your cat feels stressed? If you know of the signs, and the events likely to cause your cat stress, then you can better help him or her to deal with it. The signs of stress include unusual behavior in your cat. Stressed cats may have “accidents” in the house, or start marking more territory than usual. … Read more