What Your Cat Slowly Blinking Says About You

Cats are naturally guarded creatures, but if they let down their fuzzy wall and let you in, they can be rather affectionate. If you own a happy cat who trusts you, then you’ve probably seen what is called a “kitty kiss”. It’s that narrowing of the eyes when they look at you, slowly blinking in your direction. So what is the kitty kiss all about anyway? Let’s take a closer examination at this look of love: 1. You Are Trustworthy If your … Read more

8 Signs That Your Cat Is Bored

Boredom. At some time or another it has affected us all. And it doesn’t just stop with humans. Cats don’t have the ability to talk with us to voice their complaints, so it’s important to watch for these telltale signs that your cat is bored. This is particularly true for indoor cats that don’t travel outside of the home whatsoever. Keeping kitty strictly indoors is much safer, but it’s important that you keep a watchful eye on some important signs … Read more

Signs Your Cat Might Be Pregnant

Although this may have happened by total chance, and your cat wasn’t spayed before she went into her first heat, sometimes cats do get pregnant unexpectedly. The gestation for female cats is somewhere around 9 weeks, and since this is not that long of a time frame, a cat will start displaying physical and behavioral signs shortly after becoming pregnant. If you are worried that this may have happened to your pretty princess, here are some telltale signs to watch … Read more

5 Jobs Cats Excel At

Think dogs are the only ones who can work? Think again! While the cat may demand a higher salary and definitely more nap breaks, here are a few cats that are working like dogs. #1 – Therapy Cat Just like dogs, cats make great therapy animals, visiting hospitals and retirement facilities to bring joy to those who can no longer have a pet around. Eli is a member of Pet Partners International and is the “library Cat” at a school. His … Read more

10 Things Only Cat People Understand

There are some people out there who don’t like cats. It’s hard to comprehend, because they’re so different than us, but it’s a truth that can’t be avoided. These folks just can’t fathom why we live the way we do. There are just some things only cat lovers understand. Here are 10 of them! #1 – Loving Cats More Than People It’s no secret that many of us would prefer to snuggle with our cat at night instead of going … Read more

The Importance of Properly IDing Your Cat

  One of our biggest fears as cat owners is our beloved pets getting lost. How many times have you had close calls? Your kitty squeezed out of an open window or through the door when you came inside – so many different things can happen unexpectedly. In fact, it’s estimated that 1 in 3 pets will become lost in their lifetime. Remember, because they are accidents, never really prepare for them. So the best thing we can do is … Read more

10 Things Your Cat Wishes You Knew

Our cats don’t speak English or any other human language, so they can’t always tell us exactly what they’re thinking and feeling. But if cat’s could speak, these are things they’d likely let us know. #1 – I’m Good for Your Health There have been a number of studies that show cats are beneficial to human health, from reducing allergies in children, lowering blood pressure, healing depression and decreasing the risk for stroke. #2 – Don’t Punish Me for Things … Read more

15 DIY Tips That Make Living With A Cat Easier

Cat owners often find themselves slave to their feline companions and if you’ve got more than one cat, you’re likely to feel overwhelmed at some point. So how do we outsmart our cats and make living with them easier? Read these hacks below! #1 – Grow Your Own Catnip It seems like everyone’s got an organic green thumb lately, so why not spend some time growing your own catnip? You and your cat will both benefit. Click page 2 below … Read more

6 Ways To Keep Your Cat Calm During Travel

Lots of people love to travel, so it’s no surprise that many also love to travel with their pets. Whether you just enjoy the vacation or you weren’t able to find someone to care for your cat while you’re away, traveling with your cat is a unique experience. While some adjust quite nicely, others have a much more difficult time handling change. Here are 6 tips to help keep your cat calm during travel time. #1 – Use a Crate/Carrier … Read more

5 Ways You Can Be A Better Cat Owner This Year

We love our cats and are always trying to do what’s best for them. This means keeping up with new information regarding their health and behavior, adjusting to suit their needs as they age and much, much more. With the new year just begun, we can certainly resolve to do what we can to be better owners for our feline friends. Whether you’re on top of the game now or looking to improve your cat’s care, check out these 5 … Read more