New Study Suggests Your Cat May Not Be As Aloof As He Seems

Humans and cats have a long history together. Even though we’ve been buddies for thousands of years, our feline friends’ behavior often mystifies us. The box sitting. The loafing. The butts in our faces. They’re a puzzle, but one we love trying to solve! Cats are often thought of as aloof and independent – especially when compared to dogs, who seem to thrive on their owner’s attention. We’ve even noticed that cats seem to gravitate towards people who are not … Read more

9 Reasons Why Your Cat Keeps Meowing At You

While cats are known by all for their precious meowing, sometimes their meow can serve as an indication that your kitty companion is trying to tell you something. Cats use their meows as a means to express their emotions, so pay attention to these specific meows to let you know just exactly what your kitty is trying to say: 1. To Get Your Attention, Duh! Kittens use their meow when they are born so that their mother can hear them … Read more

Why Does My Cat Trill?

Cat Communication Cats can communicate verbally in many ways. They can meow, purr, chatter or trill.  Cats have vocalizations that seem to have been tailored for use specifically for interaction with humans and not typically with other cats.  For example when scientist monitor interactions between adult feral cats, many of the sounds and vocalizations that are a part of our daily routine our cats never use. Unsocialized adult cats, living wild, might hiss or growl at one another, but seldom … Read more

How To Introduce A Dog To A Cat

There are people proud to call themselves Team Dog and others firmly on the feline side of things, but the world doesn’t have to be split into dog people and cat people. In fact, if you’re an animal lover, you probably appreciate the jolly innocence of dogs just as much as a cat’s independent charm. You love them both, and you want both your dog and your cat to live peacefully by your side. But before you all live happily … Read more

5 Home Renovations Your Cat Will Love

As more and more people open up their homes to cats, the days of the outside cat are over. It’s now time for dedicated kitty lovers to change the interior of their homes to better suit their cats’ needs. This might seem crazy to some, but these renovations make life better for both the people and the cats! After all, cats live happier, healthier lives when they are kept indoors. We think these are genius ideas, and your feline is … Read more

The Best Way to Keep Your Kitty Entertained and Not Destroying Furniture

Your kitty has claws; claws that they hopefully keep to themselves. But it’s not unusual to sometimes find them destroying furniture or tearing fibers out of your rugs and carpet. You don’t have to surrender everything in your home to your cat to keep them happy. A little entertainment and training can help extend the life of your furniture! According to veterinarian Kathryn Primm, DVM., your cat scratches for several reasons. We aren’t surprised to hear that many cats scratch … Read more

Why Cats Like To Pee On Beds And How To Stop It

Your bed is supposed to be the place you’re most comfortable, not where you jump up in horror realizing your cat once again wet the sheets. Inappropriate urination problems are unfortunately common among cat owners. Not only does cat pee in your bed pose obvious sanitation and general “ick” issues, the underlying reason could be something seriously bothering your cat. Before you can make it stop, you first have to figure out why it’s happening. Here are a few possibilities … Read more

Why Does My Cat Knead Me With Her Front Paws?

Have you ever wondered why your cat kneads you with her front paws when she’s feeling particularly relaxed? Some people think cats only knead when they’ve been taken from their mother at too young of any age. It turns out, most cats knead regardless of how much time they spent with their mothers. So what’s the explanation? Scientists have uncovered the real reasons why cats knead, and they’re very adorable. Be prepared to say “Awwww” at the two main reasons … Read more

Why Cats Put Their Butts In Our Faces

Cats primarily communicate with one another using body language. They are far more vocal in the presence of humans, but they still utilize many of the same physical cues to express their feelings to us. Having a feline posterior directed at your face may not seem like a sign of affection, but rest assured, this shamelessly bold gesture is akin to a kitty hug or high five! A well-aimed feline fanny usually comes at a time when our cats are … Read more

Why Do Cats Wrap Their Tails Around Their Paws?

One of the first steps in learning to speak your cat’s language is understanding that their tail is a major means of communication. It can tell you when they’re feeling angry, playful, or scared—all you have to do is pay attention. One of a cat’s favorite things to do with their tail is wrap it around their paws. It happens when they’re sitting upright and curled up looking cozy on the couch. It’s a seemingly innocent gesture, but the placement … Read more