4 Fun Ways To Give Your Cat More Room To Explore

More and more we’re seeing cats being kept as inside pets only, and there is good reason for this. The great outdoors, even in your neighborhood, are full of dangers for our domestic felines. Dogs, coyotes, other wildlife, cars, cruel humans, infectious diseases, and even other cats are all reasons to keep your kitty confined in the safety of your home. With that said, being inside the house all the time without any feline-specific entertainment might get a little boring. … Read more

5 Home Renovations Your Cat Will Love

As more and more people open up their homes to cats, the days of the outside cat are over. It’s now time for dedicated kitty lovers to change the interior of their homes to better suit their cats’ needs. This might seem crazy to some, but these renovations make life better for both the people and the cats! After all, cats live happier, healthier lives when they are kept indoors. We think these are genius ideas, and your feline is … Read more

7 Simple DIY Gifts For Your Cat

Buying gifts for your cat can get very expensive, especially if you’re not sure what she’ll use and what she’ll ignore. If you have the time, skills, and tools for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, though, you can often make similar gifts for a lot cheaper than if you bought them at a store. Plus, making them can be fun! If you’re feeling crafty, try some of these DIY tutorials to make some fun gifts for your kitty. 1. This clever tutorial … Read more

Want To Know The Best Way To Remove Pet Hair Off Fabrics?? Watch This.

All of us pet owners struggle with hair shedding off onto our couches, seats cushions and clothes. Even shorter haired animals shed, and it can get pretty out of hand if you don’t keep up with cleaning off those surfaces often. We love out cats and dogs, but how can we ever effectively and quickly get all of that fur off of our fabric? Luckily for us, we have some totally awesome Youtube Channels to check out. “Making it Easy with Liz” shows … Read more

Make This Easy DIY Cat Tent With Simple Household Items

Cat parents know that kitty playthings can be quite expensive. On the flip side, some of our felines’ favorite toys are the ones that cost nothing at all. Take a look at this awesome DIY cat tent that is virtually free to make, and your cat is sure to love. You can construct this easy-to-make fort with a few items that you probably already have in your house. Put a cushion or blanket inside, and this bed-in-a-tent will become your kitty’s favorite oasis! Instructions adapted from … Read more

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Cat Owner Makes A Creative Whack-A-Mole Game For His Kitten

Cats love to play with things they get curious about. So we either buy the toys we think they’d be interested in, or we make stuff ourselves! After all, there are so many DIY cat toys that are so easy to make! The cat owner in the video below made his very own DIY Whack-a-Mole game for his cat! And I gotta say, it’s pretty brilliant. Why? Because all he needed was a cardboard box, a cutter to make the … Read more

Build Your Cat A Better Life: DIY Projects For Any Skill Set!

We love our cats to the moon and back, and are always looking for ways to make them happy. But keeping a curious kitty occupied and out of trouble can be a little tricky sometimes! If your cat could use a new hobby or a cleaner way to do his business, check out these awesome, affordable projects below. Whether you’re happily handy or a crafty klutz, there are instructions for all skill sets, from one cute kitten (“no skill required”) to … Read more

5 Treat Hacks Your Cat Will Love You For

Some cats are picky eaters, but most still love their favorite treats. In fact, some cats love food so much they just can’t get enough treats! So if you find you’re running low on healthy snacks, especially since most natural and nutritious treats are quite pricey, you’ll be sure to love these hacks as much as your cats do! #1 – Freeze Broth For Popsicles Since many cats won’t eat just plain ice cubes, filling an ice tray with delicious … Read more

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8 Catrageous Ways Your Cat Can Enjoy The Outdoors Safely

All kitties love to bask in the sun, chase butterflies and birds and sample sweet grass. But the outdoors has a lot of dangers of cats including getting lost, hit by cars, eaten by wildlife, getting into toxic plants, etc. Luckily, several companies and a few clever DIY’ers have come up with pawsome outdoor habits for your kitty to spend time outdoors safely. #1 – Purr…fect Fence This is a fencing systems with a patented pivoting arched top to ensure your … Read more

25 Free Patterns For DIY Cat Items

Thinking about making something for your kitty but have no idea how? These free patterns make it easy no matter what you want to make – from beds to toys and even sweaters. #1 – Suede Leather Cat Toy This fun toy is durable for those tough players. Find instructions on Joann.com. #2 – Pillow Cube This is a great toy for the active player in your house. Directions can be found on Cut Out + Keep. #3 – Fabric Mice … Read more

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