Cat with Special Needs Seeks a Loving Home After Being Rejected by Mother

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 24, 2024

Two kittens named Otter and Bunny have a special bond with their foster mother.

Abandoned by their mother in Northern California, Otter and Bunny found a temporary home with a compassionate woman who realized they needed specialized attention. She brought them to Baby Kitten Rescue, a facility dedicated to caring for kittens with special needs, offering crucial neonatal care.

Caroline Grace, the director of Baby Kitten Rescue, quickly noticed that Otter was missing a few toes, and Bunny was without her front paws. Both kittens were also in poor health, suffering from upper respiratory infections, fleas, diarrhea, and they were very dirty.

As Caroline spent more time with them, she observed additional concerns with Otter.

“As I focused on getting them healthy (under the direction of our vet), I noticed Otter’s head and face looked different than a typical kitten his age. He had a very large forehead and big, bulging eyes. Otter also had what looked like an abscess at the top of his head. He was put on antibiotics for the ‘abscess,’ but it didn’t go away,” Caroline explained.

Eventually, Otter was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and meningocele, which caused an abscess on his head, exposing part of his skull. A portion of his brain even protruded from the opening, making him vulnerable to infections and brain injuries. Due to his young age, surgery to cover the opening with a plate was not an option, so Otter had to wear a bandaid and helmet to protect his brain. Despite these challenges, Otter and Bunny behave like typical kittens.

Caroline describes Otter and Bunny as being very content in their foster home. Otter, curious and brave, enjoys snuggling and getting petted, while Bunny prefers to observe before joining in on new activities. Bunny, always eager to eat, is the first to the food bowl and has adapted to her missing paws by walking on her hind legs. In solidarity, Otter has begun walking on his hind legs as well, showing his protective nature towards his sister.

“They are both starting to get playful and wrestle with each other. Otter is my chatty boy who responds when I talk to him, and lets me know what he wants. Bunny is my little roly-poly girl who loves belly rubs,” Caroline shared.

Caroline notes that Otter and Bunny are inseparable and will be adopted together when they are ready to leave their foster home. Prospective adopters will need experience in caring for special needs pets.

Thanks to generous donors, Otter was able to undergo surgery and now lives without a helmet.

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