Cat Who Stays Near Owner’s Grave Proves Its Undying Loyalty


You’ve heard heartwarming stories of dogs who won’t leave their owner’s graves or the site where they were last together. But this tabby cat proves that the feline-human bond is just as strong.

In Indonesia, a woman named Keli Keningau Prayitno, who frequently passes through a graveyard, noticed a tabby cat who was lying on a particular grave marked ibu Kundari (mother Kundari). Day after day, Keli continued to see the same cat near the same plot, and she realized that this kitty must be visiting its human who was buried there.

Concerned about the cat’s wellbeing, she tried to adopt it. But the tabby wouldn’t go home with her, as that would mean leaving its favorite human’s side. Still, Keli kept an eye on the kitty every time she passed through.

After awhile, Keli noticed that the cat would only leave the grave to get fed, walking a ways to a house that turned out to belong to Kundari’s child. It seemed that this kitty didn’t even want to stay with her beloved human’s family–it was only loyal to Kundari.

Keli posted about the devoted cat on Facebook and it went viral. After hearing the story, locals began bringing the kitty food so that it didn’t have to go far from its human’s grave when it was hungry. We’re so glad that the community has been able to pitch in to help!

This beautifully sad story illustrates what we cat lovers already knew: felines can make the very best friends.

Do you have an exceptionally loyal cat? Share your story in the comments below! 

(h/t: Jakarta Coconuts)

Written by Karen Harris

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