Cat Treats Mysteriously Disappear When Placed On The Ground

This loving momma gives her cat a treat, but what happens next took me by surprise! I was thinking, “What could possibly go wrong?!” But boy, I was fooled!
The cat in the video should win an award for his patience, seriously! (We’ll call him cat #1, for convenience!) The treats are placed RIGHT in front of him, but someone has other ideas for the treats… And when I say someone, I mean the cat that is sneakily hiding underneath the bed right nice to the cat on camera. What a sneaky little butt!
Before cat #1 even realizes what’s going on, several treats are taken right out from underneath his little nose! Aww, poor kitty!
I gotta say though, cat #2 is pretty ninja-like with the level of sneakiness he possesses. Better keep an eye on him! 😉 Check these two goofballs outs…

How funny was that?! It certainly gave me a laugh! 🙂 Is there a sneaky cat in your home like the one in this video? Have a funny treat-thief story? Tell us about ALL the juicy details in the comments section below!

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