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Cat That Was Once Forced To Live In A Birdcage Is Now Enjoying A Life Full Of Love

I don’t know about you, but I love a good happy ending–especially when it has to do with animals! Animals have my heart and it pains me to see them suffer.

Holly Peppermint the cat did not have an easy start at life. This beautiful ginger tabby was forced to live in conditions unimaginable: confined to a bird cage outdoors, infested with fleas, and no clean space to lay or the ability to walk freely. But the worst part? This cat had food and water available, which means that someone was intentionally keeping her this way. (Heartbreaking to even fathom the thought of this, but I promise there is a great end to this terrible beginning.)

A photo that is enough to break your heart:

Holly peppermint

When the amazing rescue team at Furry Nation Salvation of Florida received a tip about a cat living in a birdcage, they rushed to the scene to find what broke their hearts. Immediately they worked together to free this poor baby, and brought her into their care so that she could receive all of the necessary treatments she needed.

During her first treatment:

2015-11-25 Connie visit, Holly Peppermint, Lowie 023

Isn’t it amazing how sweet and loving she is despite all the hardship she’s been through?? Just incredible:

This poor cat suffered a great deal of hair loss due to scratching from the fleas, skin and bladder infections that required antibiotics, several rounds of shots to get her up to date, and of course, her spaying surgery. Through all of this, a cat that was once nameless that had no love for the beginning of her life, purred loudly at the touch of human contact and was sweet and gentle. When the cat would walk, she would only travel short distances before sitting down, as it was apparent that she wasn’t ever given the freedom to move about like she wanted.

2015-11-27 Tower 5 Training, Holly Peppermint 049

Throughout her recovery period, an elderly couple began taking notice of this sweet cat, and expressed a deep interest in making her a permanent addition to their home. When the time was right, and the once nameless cat was ready for her forever home, the couple took her in. The couple named her Holly Peppermint, and now she spends her days getting cuddles, leaping and playing, and enjoying her time with her ten-year-old kitty housemate.

Holly with her new parents:

2015-11-27 Tower 5 Training, Holly Peppermint 087

And we’re sure she’s loving every single minute of it!

(All photos and videos are courtesy of Furry Nation Salvation)

Written by Modi Ramos
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