Cat Skips Meals For 3 Days, But A Trip To Vet Reveals Sneaky Snacking

Ever been duped by a cat? If you’ve had the privilege of living with a feline, your answer is most likely a resounding yes. Cats are pretty good at pulling one over on their minions.

Just ask Reddit user u/Mysticstorms, and they’ll tell you how their cat trolled them. The situation involved a vet appointment that included diagnostic scans to pinpoint the source of the kitty’s three-day fast. During the ultrasound, the reason behind the cat’s lack of appetite was quickly discovered. Simply put, the kitty was already full.

Worrying Over Their Purrecious One

People took quick notice when/Mysticstorms posted a photo of a ginger and white cat with a shaved tummy in the subreddit r/cats. And once they read the explanation on the picture, the laughter and comments began.

“Cat didn’t eat for 3 days, went to the vet where they did an ultrasound only to find a belly full of the neighbour’s cat’s food.”


And the wily cat’s shenanigans reach deeper than just eating the neighbor’s food. When Mysticstorms spoke with the neighbors, it turns out the kitty was sneaking the meals from them unbeknownst.

Mysticstorms explained, “They don’t feed him on purpose, he probably sneaks in at night through their cat door. So he is just being a jerk in this case.”

Commenters had fun with the post, offering all sorts of quips, like ryanm1903’s comment, “I mean, nobody wants to admit they ate nine cans of ravioli.”

Imagining the vet’s diagnosis, Kind_Wait_503 wrote, “Your cat’s not eating… because it’s full of cat food.”

“Hah!!! This is such a typical cat owner story,” said alicatmonster.

Stray With a Soft Heart

The silly orange and white cat isn’t the only one with a place in Mysticstorms’ heart. Just a few months before the vet trip, Mysticstorms shared a post about a friendly stray boy, writing, “When the stray opens up for affection and turns out to be an absolute softy.”

Commenters worried this friendly tabby might be someone’s cat, but Mysticstorms assured everyone, “He is 100% a stray, he was born in my grandma’s garden.”

“Been feeding him for years but took some time to get him to open up,” shared the devoted cat lover. “He also does not want to be a house cat at all, tried many times. Maybe he will change his mind eventually, but for now he seems very content being an outdoor kitty.”

Judging by the sweet rubs and love this tabby gentleman offered, Mysticstorms and the trolling ginger kitty may soon have a new friend at home!

Feature Image: u/Mysticstorms/Reddit

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