Cat Shows Puppy Who REALLY Owns The Dog Bed


Cat parents know that although they provide the food, pay the bills, and clean the home, it’s really their kitties who are in charge! And when there are dogs in the family? Well, our cats reign over them, too!

In the video below, the family cat shows the new puppy — a 10-week-old French Bulldog — who’s really the boss of the house! (Well, how else is he going to learn?) The kitty sits stubbornly in the pup’s bed, and try as he might, the Frenchie cannot reclaim his sleeping place!

Watch the hilarious video below:


Source: Puppy attempts to reclaim bed from cat by piotrbuchalik on Rumble


To the kitty’s credit, the video poster writes, “It must also be noted that this cat should receive some points for being so patient!”

They definitely have a point!

How does your cat show the other pets in your home who’s boss?


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