Cat Rescued From A Drain Pipe – How They Did It Will Surprise You!

There’s a saying you probably know…”Curiosity killed the cat.” I don’t think it’s entirely true; after all, cats DO have 9 lives! I think the saying should go more like… “Curiosity got the cat into quite the predicament.” Yeah, it’s a bit of a mouthful but it’s way more accurate! ☺ Especially when you watch this next video. It shows an incredible rescue of a kitten that was curious enough to get trapped in a drainpipe. Oops!
But never fear! This sweet little kitty has all kinds of brave firefighters trying to rescue her! It wasn’t an easy mission for them, because the pipe is far too narrow for them to be able to reach into. That’s when they put their heads together and got creative! After a couple of failed attempts, they figured out how to save this kitty with shovels and a tiny camera. You’ve got to see this!

Wow, way to go guys! 🙂 We’re glad to see the kitten is safe and sound. I’m willing to bet she won’t be checking out any interesting pipes anytime soon!

What’s the craziest rescue story you’ve ever heard? We want to hear it! Comment with your rescue story!

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Written by Courtney VanSickle
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