Cat Loves The Newborn Baby So Much, He Just Has To Be Right By His Side!


You don’t really think of a cat when it comes to being a good caretaker for an infant. One would think that the sounds of crying might scare them off, sending them away to retreat in silence. But not this special cat, he loves babies!

While we would never advise leaving a cat (or any animal for that matter) alone with a baby, this cat loves to take care of the newborn in his home. You can see as he watches the baby carefully, with his eyes fixated on the little one’s every move. Cats are naturally caring creatures, and this cat just goes to show you that he can care for anyone, at any age. Take a look!

Wasn’t that precious? I’m sure that cat and his baby human will grow up to be the best of friends! Share this video with your cat-lover friends.

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