Cat Hypnosis? This Good Little Kitty Cooperates With His Human… Until It’s Pouncing Time

Watch the pendant swing from side to side; to and fro. Now you are getting sleepy, liebchen, sleeeeepy! Your eyes are getting heavy, really heavy. You feel your eyelids closing up, you just can’t help it…

Mom? Are you alright? What are you doing? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re trying to hypnotize me! Are you? That’s not good and it’s not going to work on me!!

It seems like cat’s owner has had too much time on her hands lately and has been cooking up silly ideas to try on him. Well, can you blame her? He’s just the cutest kitty cat I’ve ever seen, look at those beautiful round peepers, they’re perfect, PURRRRRFECT!!!

There are times that our pets bring out the crazy, kooky, fun person in all of us! I wish at times they would come out more often and who knows, there will be less violence and hate in our world. What do you think? Share this with other cat lovers, I’m sure they’re going to enjoy this as much as you and I have!

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