Cat Doesn’t Recognize His Own Tail & His Reaction Is Hilarious


For anyone that has a cat in their life, you know just how quirky these creatures can be. We love cats for their crazy cat antics, and none is more true than when a cat suddenly goes into panic mode over something trivial. This is DEFINITELY one of those times.

Most cats are very aware of their surroundings, and chasing of the tail is a trait that a cat wouldn’t be caught dead doing. Cats are sophisticated and clever, there’s no way that a silly tail (especially their own tail!) could send them into a frenzy.

Well, such is not the case with this cat who gets very freaked out over something that’s been with him his whole life. This might be the funniest one I’ve seen yet in all my kitty cat video watching days.

That’s right, kitty. You show that tail who’s boss! This cat was not about to be fooled by that tail that was looking to cause trouble. Share this video with any cat lover you know who could use a good laugh. And be honest, you know you had to watch that one more than once!


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Written by Modi Ramos
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