Cat Begs His Human To Go For A Walk & Saves The Life Of An Elderly Neighbor

Bandit the cat is unusual in many ways.

Once a kitty living in a no-kill shelter, he was adopted by Fran Swayze, who fell in love with him immediately. Bandit has made himself right at home at their condo in the Buena Vista Senior Community in Texas, and Swayze is happy to cater to his lovable quirks. For instance, the tabby kitty enjoys exploring, and begs his human to take him on walks every day!

About a week ago, when Swayze’s daughter was visiting, they’d all settled in for the night when Bandit did something odd. He sat near the door and began to meow, his way of telling his human that he’s ready for a stroll!

Even though it was late and they’d already gotten their fresh air that day, Swayze couldn’t say no to her beloved cat. But as they headed out the door, Bandit didn’t stay near her, like usual – instead, he darted ahead. Once Swayze and her daughter finally caught up, they saw the kitty by the side of an elderly diabetic neighbor who had collapsed!

Watch the news story below:

If Bandit hadn’t found Mary Baker, there’s no telling how long she would have been lying there. This hero kitty, with his wonderful quirks, truly saved her life!

Good job Bandit – we know you’re getting the royal treatment that you deserve!

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