Camera Catches Stray Cat Keeping Lonely Dog Company While Waiting for Rescue

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on July 5, 2024

Stray animals often need human kindness to survive on the streets. They struggle to find food and stay warm, so it’s up to us to help them. Sometimes, stray animals find comfort in each other too.

Even though they are animals, they have a way of looking out for each other. Sometimes, they seem to take better care of each other than humans do. This story is about a stray cat who stayed by an abandoned dog’s side until he found a new home.

The dog had been left behind by his owners when they moved to a senior care home where pets weren’t allowed. So, the dog stayed outside the apartment, hoping to see a familiar face among the people passing by.

The people living in the building knew about the dog’s situation and felt sorry for him, as he had been outside for six months.

A stray cat started following the dog, probably because they both lived on the streets and understood each other. They found comfort in each other and never left each other’s side, often seen cuddling together at night.

The residents, moved by their bond, sometimes fed them and even made a small shelter to keep them warm and safe. But as winter got closer, the residents became more worried about the animals. With no one coming forward to take them in, they called animal rescue services.

Catching the dog and cat was difficult because they were scared and cautious. It took more than a day to catch them both.

One resident was crying after the successful rescue. “I don’t know, it’s great that they’re rescued, but I’m also worried. Hope they meet a good family who genuinely loves animals,” she told the Kritter Klub crew when asked why she was crying.

The animals were taken to the vet for a checkup. Surprisingly, both were healthy without any diseases or parasites, which is unusual for stray animals. The vet said it must be because the residents had been taking good care of them.

The concerned resident visited the animals at the shelter one more time. She was happy they were safe and hoped they would stay healthy and get lots of love from a new family.

Everyone hoped the dog and cat would be adopted together because they clearly had a strong bond.

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