Calico Cat With Striking Eye Markings Captivates The Internet

The 2016 fashion runways have featured smoky cat eyes and strong, masculine brows. Girl-power is all the rage this year when it comes to politics, clothes and makeup.

One-year-old calico cat, Lilly is right on trend thanks to some very unique markings. She has thick, bold patches of black framing her gorgeous green eyes.


Her 11,000+ Instagram followers can’t decide if she looks more like supermodel, Cara Delevingne…

Image Source: Instagram/Lilly_CrazyEyes and Instagram/EllenVonUnwerth


or comedy actor, Eugene Levy…

Image Source: Instagram/Lilly_CrazyEyes and Instagram/ThirdFloorBore


Either way, Lilly is certainly one remarkable looking kitty!

A photo posted by Lilly (@lilly_crazyeyes) on

Lilly’s nickname is Crazy Eyes… for obvious reasons.

A photo posted by Lilly (@lilly_crazyeyes) on

Her striking brows can sometimes make her look angry, but her mom assures she is a sweetie at heart.

A photo posted by Lilly (@lilly_crazyeyes) on

She certainly has her wild side just like every healthy young cat.

A photo posted by Lilly (@lilly_crazyeyes) on

In fact, her mom recently had to perform emergency surgery on her favorite stuffed robot after Lilly chewed its head off!

A photo posted by Lilly (@lilly_crazyeyes) on

But Lilly is really just your average house cat who happens to have some exceptional kitty genetics!

A photo posted by Lilly (@lilly_crazyeyes) on

Want to see more of Lilly Crazy Eyes? Join her on Instagram!

H/T to BoredPanda

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