Brave Cat Guards His Family From An Intruder

When people think of “guarding” animals, dogs usually come to mind. But this brave house cat proves that felines can turn ferocious when it comes to protecting their families!

When Waffle saw a bobcat approach the glass door of his Telluride, Colorado home, he made sure to show the intruder that he meant business. Hissing and scratching (while safely behind the door, of course!), the ginger guardian wanted the big cat to know that he was not welcome in the house!

“If it wasn’t for the dam [sic] glass I’d shred you for looking at me that way!” reads the caption on this video.

Watch the valiant kitty below:


Waffle’s bravery is quite impressive! And you have to admit, the bobcat’s curiosity toward his furry opponent is pretty cute (but remember, these wild cats can be very dangerous!). We’re just glad that both felines remained safely on opposite sides of the glass and that someone captured their interaction on camera!


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