Betty & Her RBF Demand Obedience, But Don’t Give A Flip About Your Approval

Though born in a barn and the runt of her litter, Betty the cat is no peasant. In Betty’s world, we’re the peasants, and her RBF hits so hard, you’ll never forget that she’s your queen!

And because Betty and her facial expressions are so fierce, her parents knew they needed to share the wonder of their special cat. So, to Reddit, they went, creating the subreddit r/RestingBettyFace, a spot where “the cat that hates us” could share her grumpy-faced adventures. And once you scroll the homage to Betty and her bitter face, you’ll fall under her spell too!


Born Grumpy

At six years old and weighing only five or six pounds, Betty may be a small cat, but she was born with so much sass that it escapes through her adorably grumpy face! It’s not just her cheekiness that gives her that unique look.

Betty’s mom and Reddit user u/Caioly told iHeartCats, “She is smaller than normal except for her eyes and ears. That, along with a slight underbite, give her that lovely grump.”

And Betty works her resting face like nobody’s business! Because she’s a queen kitty, Betty lives by her own set of rules, and she’s happy to make them known.

“Always make sure you’re the first one to eat. Never bury your poop, and always assert your dominance,” said Betty, with hopes these rules might inspire her fellow felines.


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As you can see, Betty isn’t trying to hide anything here. She’s as salty as her face would have you believe, and her dad, u/RPBN, describes it best, saying, “Her glares are legendary.”

Betty’s mom agreed, sharing, “Most interestingly, she looks most vicious when she’s most comfortable.”


“She knows she’s the lady of the house and wants to be treated accordingly.”

Betty told iHeartCats her parents do alright with her pampering, but “they can do better.” In cat speak, that means her parents have proved to be purrfect minions!

Smoky Singing Voice & A Penchant for Puking

Because life is so good, Betty sometimes has to lift her raspy meow in joy at the kitty paradise she’s created in her Nürnberg, Germany home. But it’s usually deep in the night when her feline serenades begin, her mom saying, “She sometimes sings up the staircase, enjoying the echo.”


After her nocturnal operetta, Betty puts on her best grump face and settles into the laundry basket to distribute gifts of cat hair on her parents’ clothes. But when she’s not singing or lounging in the laundry basket, the quickest way to hear her smoky croak is cuddling her like a baby for tummy pats. But be careful if you’re stroking the baby’s tummy, she might just anger puke on you!

Or, if not on you, Betty will make sure she finds just the right place to upchuck her fury!

“Whenever we do something that displeases her, she pukes somewhere hard to clean and then watches us clean it,” said Betty’s mom.

When asked about her revenge pukes, Betty explained, “They claim my food stinks; that’s why I have to wait until the skin kittens have eaten first most mornings. They don’t love me the way I deserve it. That’s why I puke to pay them back.”

A sound argument in the language of cats!

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Salty But Sweet

For all her ire, Betty has a sugary side and a purr so loud her parents describe it as “a little engine.” And while Betty will most likely deny her sweetness, she does enjoy a snuggle, but of course, it has to be on her terms. If the humans have tasks to be done or video calls to make, that’s when Betty wants cuddles and chin scratches. It’s just one of the many ways she puts her rules for life into action!


Now, Betty demands your obedience and your audience on Reddit. Follow RestingBettyFace and keep up with the adventures of this surly sweetheart!

Feature Image: r/RestingBettyFace/Reddit 

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