Bathtime? This Cat Says “No” And Means It!

Talk about cats being like humans, this cat takes the cake!! Gave me goosebumps when she started talking and saying, “Nooooo!” How do cats do that? The way they can imitate us, it’s so uncanny!!

Well, I don’t really blame her for not wanting to take a bath because after all, cats bathe themselves don’t they? She’s probably thinking, “Hey, I’m cleaner than you humans, how dare you give me a bath!” Haha…well cat, maybe you need a medical bath of sorts that’s why the pretty lady is about to give you one so please Louise, cooperate! And don’t ask for help nor continue to say no because you’re still getting that bath, young lady! 🙂

Cats are beautiful and very clean creatures, and we often see them treating themselves to their routine baths. The only reason why people need to give them a bath is if they have fleas or perhaps if they have an allergy, that is, unless they have a Sphynx which require routine baths.

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