Bandit Lost An Eye, But He’s Gaining A New Life Thanks To Customers Like You

Part of each sale through the iHeartCats store is donated to Greater Good Charities, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible.

Warning: photo below of severe eye infection may be difficult for some viewers.

Living on a farm near the Treasure Coast in Florida, a kitten named Bandit came from a long line of inbred cats. A local non-profit cat rescue called Nanny’s Fur Kids tried over and over to catch the matron of the farm-raised brood and have her spayed, but she continuously eluded their grasp. As a result, the farm’s population of cats was at risk of growing. Thankfully, Nanny’s Fur Kids was there to spay and neuter the other cats and provide needed veterinary services.

When they could, Nanny’s Fur Kids also rescued litters of feral kittens and brought them into their care. One of those kittens was Bandit. When they came to Bandit’s rescue, they were prepared to do whatever it took to ensure he went on to a good life. Achieving that goal wasn’t easy, however. Bandit had issues with his eyes, and frequent eye infections required regular eye drops. Nanny’s Fur Kids made sure he always had the care he needed, and in 2017, a healthy Bandit was adopted into a new home.

Image credit Nanny’s Fur Kids Cat Rescue


As part of the organizations’s adoption agreement, any adopter who decides they can no longer care for their animal is encouraged to bring them back to the shelter–no questions asked. Unfortunately for Bandit, his new owners needed to take advantage of this agreement. When Bandit was brought back, one of his eyes was hanging dangerously out of its socket. He needed immediate veterinary attention, and despite receiving medicine to clear up the infection, the rescue cat’s eye needed to be removed.

Veterinary staff operated on Bandit to save his life, and they stayed after hours to make sure he recovered safely. Bandit stayed at the vet’s office for a few days, and when he made it back to the shelter, he was still adjusting to life with only one eye. He had a patch over his empty eye socket, but he seemed determined to make the most of his life. Over the next few weeks, his wound healed. He learned to compensate for his loss of vision, and if it wasn’t for the missing eye, no one today would know he’s dealing with a disability.

Image credit Nanny’s Fur Kids Cat Rescue


With his eye socket healed and a new chance at life, Bandit is once again waiting for his forever family. The volunteers at Nanny’s Fur Kids say he’s a lovable cat, and they’re keeping him spoiled and comfortable while he waits for the right people to find him.

Bandit will get his happy ending once he finds a home, and that wouldn’t have been possible without the team at Nanny’s Fur Kids and the organizations that support their mission. Greater Good supports shelters including the one that saved Bandit’s life by providing life-saving food, litter, and funds.

Nanny’s Fur Kids said,

“Without the help from’s Rescue Bank, we could not have afforded all these vet bills. The donated food and litter gave us more funding to care for many medical vet bills. Each one of our feral cats has their own story. Without the help of Rescue Bank, we wouldn’t be able to take in any more ferals that deserve to be loved.”

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Featured Image credit Nanny’s Fur Kids Cat Rescue

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