Ask A Vet: What Are Signs My Cat Could Have Diabetes?

5 Signs Your Cat Could Have Diabetes Diabetes is a disorder in which glucose (blood sugar) in the blood becomes too high and starts to impact other body systems.  Insulin is the hormone responsible for glucose regulation, so a diabetic cat either has no or inadequate insulin or her body is not responding effectively to her insulin. I diagnose Feline Diabetes often and have many diabetic patients in our care. Here are some of the presenting complaints for these patients. … Read more

Ask A Vet: What Can I Do To Make Vet Visits Easier?

We animal people (me included) like to make our pets happy and do things that they enjoy. We all know that if our cat hates the trip to the vet, we are less likely to prioritize it. When clients can tell us, “He LOVES to come here!” these are the pets that we can keep the healthiest. I have cat patients that purr and rub on me. They know me and don’t fear me. I even wrote chapters in my … Read more

Ask A Vet: Why Does My Cat Pee Outside The Litter Box And What Can I Do?

Feline Inappropriate Urination (urinating outside the litter box) is a common and frustrating problem. I see it regularly and it is complex and not easy to manage. Many cats are surrendered to animal shelters or destroyed because of this problem. To understand the complexity of this issue, we must first consider who cats are as a species and who we expect them to be as our house pets. It is a high expectation for a cat (who is descended from … Read more

5 Reasons Why Your Cat May Be Coughing

All cats cough sometimes. Just like people, cats do it for a variety of reasons, but a persistent cough should be checked out by a vet. A veterinarian can help you rule out some of these causes to pinpoint why your particular cat is coughing and give you a plan for treatment. Unlike dogs, there are fewer common causes of a cough to explore and sometimes it is hard to tell if your cat is coughing, vomiting or both. The … Read more