Watch The Moment A Kitten Is Rescued From A Deep Underground Pipe

This is the story of a brave black kitten with an unstoppable will to live! The poor baby managed to fall down a pipe that was 25 feet in the ground in Venice, California. Although it survived the tumble, it faced another huge hurdle: how in the world was it going to get out? Luckily, the tiny kitty has a big voice, and meowed as loudly as possible in hopes of capturing someone’s attention. Amazingly, its cries were heard by … Read more

Kitten Rescued From The Rubble After A Fire Gets The Purrfect Name – And Forever Home!

In Rockford, Michigan, locals were shocked when the Corner Bar, a much-loved restaurant and landmark, burned to the ground. When the damage was done, all that was left was ash, rubble… and a stray kitten! When people noticed kitty, who was unharmed but homeless, they set traps near the wreckage and finally caught the little black furball. In safe hands, they decided to give her the purrfect name: Smokey! Although the Corner Bar is making plans to rebuild, they still … Read more

5 Subtle Signs That Your Cat Is Secretly In Pain

Cat owners know that their kitties are masters at hiding discomfort. So, how do we know when something is amiss and a trip to the vet is needed? In order to get more insight, we spoke with Dr. Michel Selmer, DVM, CTCVMP. Also known as “The Caring Vet,” he offers traditional, holistic, integrative medical, surgical, and wellness care to his patients. In the words of Dr. Selmer: “When your dog is sick, he’ll typically make it obvious that something is wrong, but your … Read more

This Cat May Be A Disney Princess In Disguise… Just Wait Until You See Why!

We all consider our cats to be royalty – and they deserve to be treated as such – but this particular kitty may actually be a princess! …or, perhaps a prince. Sochi, the Siberian Forest Cat, is a  kitty who was welcomed into his family during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. But it wasn’t until later that his human, Imgur user ctrlaltme, discovered something magical about the furry feline. Although his luscious blonde fur could rival Rapunzel’s shiny braid… …his … Read more

Elusive Sand Cat Kittens Are Filmed In Their Habitat For The First Time Ever

The footage below is the first of its kind – and it’s also absolutely adorable! Sand cats, which live in the Sahara dessert, are incredibly elusive and difficult to spot, let alone catch on film. Nocturnal and crepuscular most of the time, these small felines are experts at camouflage. While adult sand cats are hard enough to find in the wild, their kittens are an even rarer sight…but now we can watch them, thanks to this incredible footage. Scientists and … Read more

Rescue Kitten With A Missing Eye Covers His Scar With An Adorable Eye Patch

“Scar” is a big name for a tiny kitten, but the little tuxedo baby has certainly earned it after all he’s been through! When Savannah Anas‘ best friend found the sickly kitten with an infected eye, she knew she had to do something. Thankfully, she enlisted the help of her feline-loving pal, who ended up adopting the tiny kitty. That’s how Anas, a shark biologist, became a cat mom. Note: the successive photos in this album may be disturbing for … Read more

Rescue Cat Goes From Abandoned Kitten To Adventurous Beach Lover!

Little Nathan – the female black cat – has come a long way in her short but adventurous life. According to The Dodo, she was found at just a few weeks old, abandoned in a box on the side of a freeway with her sibling and mom. Luckily, she was rescued by the RSPCA, then adopted by a loving couple. That’s how she went from being a scared, defenseless abandoned kitten to a brave and fun-loving adventure cat! A post shared … Read more

Man Wakes Up To A Rare Sight – 7 Lynx Kittens & Their Mama Playing On His Deck!

Alaska resident Tim Newton has woken up to strange sounds on his deck before. He lives on a mountainside next to a national park, so he’s no stranger to wildlife traipsing into his backyard. But a couple weeks ago, the photographer heard something he hadn’t before… and peaked out the window to see seven playful lynx kittens, followed by their mom!   “They woke me from my slumber at local dawn, scrambling back and forth across my deck, just outside … Read more

A Cat Has Finally Joined This Airport’s Animal Therapy Team

Pet owners know that the mere presence of a furry friend can melt stress away. That’s why the Denver International Airport has a team of therapy dogs to ease travelers’ anxiety – and a cat just joined the ranks! The Canine Airport Therapy Squad – or CATS – has just welcomed it’s first real feline to the group. The program consists of over 75 certified therapy dogs, including almost 40 different breeds, who rotate 2-hour shifts to calm the nerves of flying commuters. … Read more

The Hunt Is On For A Cat Serial Killer, And They’re Enlisting The Help Of An Animal Forensics Lab

Cat parents in southern London have been on high alert for years: since 2014, a serial “cat killer” has been murdering and mutilating neighborhood kitties in the area. Police, along with the RSPCA, has been working to identify and convict the heartless murderer, who’s responsible for some 250 animal deaths. But despite examining bodies and gathering evidence and eye witness accounts, the criminal remains at large. Hopefully, this will soon change. ArroGen Veterinary Forensics, Britain’s first forensic lab that focuses on … Read more