Sleepy Kitten Gets Tucked Into Bed, Asks For More Head Scratches

There is just something so innocent and pure about babies, and that includes our itty-bitty furry friends! They seem to have unstoppable energy and eagerness, and everything is new and exciting for them. Of course, all that discovery and exploring can be tiring, and there’s nothing sweeter than seeing these little ones snuggling up for a nap! The ginger kitten in this video below is indescribably adorable as his human tucks him into a tiny fleece bed. But perhaps the … Read more

Quirky Kitty Dubbed “Count Catula” Finally Finds A Home For The Holidays

Count Catula – also known as Raphael – wasn’t the luckiest at finding a forever home. In 2015, the toothy black cat landed at the RSPCA after his owner passed away, and was 7 years old at the time. Not only did the color of his coat work against him (black cats are still, sadly,less likely to get adopted than fairer felines), but he was a senior as well. He spent over a year at the shelter until he finally … Read more

Why Does My Cat Suddenly Zoom Around The Room (Sometimes At Night!)

The zoomies. The crazies. Keeping you up at night. Whatever you want to call it, chances are, you’ve seen your calm cat start running around the room with a sudden burst of energy – and no warning! Have you ever wondered why this happens… and in some cases, why it happens at night? According to “Simon’s Cat Logic,” based on knowledge by a Cat Behavior Expert at Cats Protection, these fits of frenetic energy are linked to biology. The video … Read more

Cat Mourns The Loss Of His Brother Until A New Friend Comes Along

The loss of a pet is always tragic, both for humans and other furry members of the family. When ginger brothers Harley and Davidson were adopted into their new home, they stuck by each others’ side and followed their human around together. “Meet Harley and Davidson (yawning),” iwanttopetalltheanimals wrote on Imgur.   “They were brothers I adopted from our local humane society,” she explained.   “They were inseparable and my little shadows.”   Like most cats, they enjoyed their naps and were … Read more

Couple Offers $100,000 Reward For 4 Missing Cats

Will and Lauren Powers, owners of two record-holding cats and a third beloved kitty, are desperately searching for their 3 felines – plus their friend’s – after a devastating fire destroyed their home. The Powers are the proud parents of Cygnus, a Maine Coon with the world’s longest tail, Arcturus, a Serval who holds the record for the tallest domestic cat, and Sirius, a gorgeous kitty with tiger-like stripes. Also in the house was Yuki, an adorable white-pawed tabby belonging … Read more

Cat With Rare Virus Is Saved From The Streets, Becomes The Shelter “Sheriff”

Part of each sale through the iHeartCats store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible.  Warning: some of the images below may be difficult to look at.  In the words of HELP Humane: “Meow showed up on someone’s porch looking rough. His finders began feeding him, and one week later, he showed up in horrific shape. They thought a car had hit him. They called for help, we asked … Read more

Omega Fatty Acids And How Your Kitty’s Body Uses Them

Chances are, you’ve heard of Omega Fatty Acids (including 3, 6, and 9) and their role in a healthy, balanced diet. But you may be less familiar with the concept of incorporating these essential nutrients into your kitty’s diet, too! Many cat foods claim to contain omega fatty acids, and they do; but what these companies don’t tell consumers is that most of these nutrients have been destroyed during manufacturing. This is why it’s important for pet parents to evaluate … Read more

Rescuers Save Stray Kittens Born In Meat Warehouse

It can be a big, scary world for helpless kittens who are born as strays. But for one furry family born in a meat warehouse, their first “home” was particularly dangerous. When RSPCA inspector Callum Isitt got word that kittens were being given away “for free” in the back of a grocery store in Peckham, London he knew that the felines’ lives may be in danger.   Upon arriving, the cooperative staff brought the inspector to the back of the meat … Read more

Ginger Foster Kitten Can’t Get Enough Of His Snuggly Stuffed Donuts

Love donuts? Love kittens? You’re in the right place. Stanley is a ginger kitten we was fostered by a cat lover named Sheila in Portland, Oregon. Soon after he was born, Sheila realized that the furry baby had an affinity for all things donut! After presenting him with his first small donut bed, Stanley snuggled his tiny body in it and never wanted to leave. Even after he outgrew it, the kitten wouldn’t stray far from his donut pal… so … Read more

Stray Kitten’s Sweet Nature Emerges After Embedded Collar Is Finally Removed

When a young stray kitten was brought to the MSPCA-Angell veterinarians in Boston, Massachusetts, she was in serious pain. The kitty, who was later named Nickie, had a collar embedded around her neck. It was so tight, her skin had begun to grow around it, and she could barely eat because it was restricting her throat. Nickie was found by a good Samaritan who knew she needed rescuing, and brought her to the shelter. There, she finally had the torturous item … Read more