11 Animals That Love Cats As Much As We Do!

You are proudly a self-proclaimed cat person, and for good reason: cats are clever, curious, intelligent, and independent. There’s no doubt that the people who love them truly appreciate these qualities–and probably possess them, themselves! For us cat-lovers, there are few feelings as gratifying as getting affection from a cat because you know full well that it’s earned, and that makes you feel extra-special. But we humans aren’t the only ones who can have this special bond with a cat. As it turns out, … Read more

12 Cats Who Aren’t Feeling The Christmas Vibe

We humans LOVE Christmas, but our cats? Not so much. Think about it: to them, it’s the time of year when their humans put a lovely smelling tree in the living room and cover it with hanging balls that resemble their toys… only they’re not allowed to play with them. It’s when lots of strangers come into their house and make a lot of noise, and when humans sometimes dress them up, which they really, really don’t like! It may be … Read more

12 Cats Who Are Completely, Unquestionably Feline

When we think of cats, we imagine beautiful, curious, sweet, intelligent, and nimble creatures. Felines are animals with a truly unique blend of characteristics: they’re independent, talented hunters in the wild, but they’re also playful, affectionate pets in our homes. Their one-of-a-kind personalities make kitty-lovers proudly identify themselves as “cat people,” and it’s no wonder, then, that “cat people” are a human breed all their own!  Here are a dozen cats that personify some of the traits and talents that make creatures so completely and utterly….well, feline! 1. This beauty’s … Read more

11 Signs Your Cat Might Actually Be Your “Baby”

 There comes a time in many feline-lover’s lives when their cat becomes more than a pet, not “just” a cat, and most certainly part of the family. When your kitty nuzzles your neck or gazes up at you with those big, curious eyes, you can’t help but melt. Here are 11 signs that you love your kitty like she’s your baby. 1. It all starts with her first toy. It becomes her favorite, and she looks so cute while snuggling her … Read more

8 Reasons Why You’ll Always Be A Cat Person

If you identify yourself as a “cat person,” there are endless reasons that this clever creature fits seamlessly into your life and heart. Cats emulate who you are, and you’re sometimes amazed at how your favorite feline can compliment your personality and teach you simple but valuable lessons every single day. Here are eight reasons that you will always proudly declare yourself to be a “cat person.” 1. Like you, your cat is extremely independent. When you come home to your kitty, his nonchalant attitude is one of the reasons you love … Read more