Woman Spends Entire Paycheck To Rescue A Hopeless Stray Kitten

When Reddit user peaceluvpenny and her boyfriend Brendon heard tiny cries outside their home, she went to investigate. It was a rainy Tuesday evening, and the Redditor ventured outdoors to find out what kind of critter was making the noise. She said in a post: “I called to him and at first all I saw was the tall grass moving as he walked towards me… had no idea what kind of creature was about to emerge.” But when she realized it was … Read more

This Cat Arcade May Be The Coolest Animal Rescue You’ve Ever Seen!

Cat lovers, gamers, and caffeine fiends alike can find common ground at The Catcade, Chicago’s brand new arcade-themed cat cafe. In fact, the grand opening is today! This cool concept provides digital entertainment for patrons of all ages while they enjoy refreshments, and – most importantly – socialize with adoptable cats! A post shared by The Catcade (@thecatcade) on Aug 15, 2017 at 11:14am PDT Founded by couple Chris Gutierrez and Shelly Casey, the Catcade is equipped with nostalgic arcade machines and … Read more

Cat Who Suffered Burns Gets Her Wounds Fashionably Dressed & Finds Forever Home

Part of each sale through the iHeartCats store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible.  In the words of the Open Doors Animal Rescue: “In spring of 2015, Waverly came to us with severe chemical burns that required immediate and constant attention. Waverly had burns on her left side that were so bad it left open wounds. Despite the abuse she suffered, she proved to be a resilient girl … Read more

7 Products To Help You Throw A Purrfect Cat-Themed Party

Hey there, party animal! If you’ve been thinking about hosting a get-together that’s full of feline festivities, you’ve come to the right place. You’re going to need some tasty treats, some fruity mixed “cattails,” a little kitty-themed decor, and of course, a bunch of pawesome party supplies! Lucky for you, we’ve got the last thing covered. Below are 7 products to help you throw the purrfect cat-themed party. The best part is, each purchase helps a homeless shelter cat in … Read more

Lazy Cat Loves To Lounge In Her Own Miniature Hammock

In Brazil, a kitty named Paçoca loves living the good life in her own tiny hammock! Cat-mom Ana Beatriz Pinho posted a photo on Twitter showing her cat lounging in the pink contraption. Apparently, the kitty was keeping her dad company while they enjoyed some downtime. “My God,” the daughter posted in Spanish, “my father bought a hammock for her so she could lie [by] his side.” Meu deus meu pai comprou uma rede pra paçoca só pra ela deitar do lado … Read more

Meet The Judge Who Gives “Creative” Sentences To Animal Abusers

Judge Michael Cicconetti is no ordinary judge. When he dishes out sentences, they usually come with a creative twist that he hopes will teach offenders a valuable lesson. We’re particularly fond of the judge’s treatment of animal abusers and neglecters. From spending the day at a dump to a night alone in the wilderness, Judge Mike’s punishments make people think twice about breaking the law. In a phone interview the Municipal Court Judge from Painesville, Ohio told iHeartDogs that his first dog made … Read more

If You Love These 12 Things, You’re Definitely A Cat Person!

We cat-lovers can’t contain our love for the feline kind… and we’re proud of it! From their velvety heads to their soothing purrs, when it comes to kitties, any respectable cat person just can’t get enough! If you’re a cat mom or dad and you want to shout it from the rooftops, you’re definitely a cat person – and you’re going to love the items listed below. The best part is that every purchase helps feed hungry shelter cats, so … Read more

The Life-Saving Thing All Pet Parents Should Know How To Do

Everyone knows that if someone chokes or stops breathing, performing CPR can save their life. But did you know that our pets can benefit from life-saving CPR, too? Just like humans, animals can choke on food or objects. There are also incidents when they stop breathing, like if they have a seizure, fall into a pool, or are suffering from another medical issue. No pet parent wants to think about scenarios like this, but if you’re prepared, you can react … Read more

5 Signs You Love Your Cat More Than Your Family Members

We can all agree that we love our cats like family, but do you prefer the company of your feline over your human relatives? You may be afraid to admit this out loud, but for the record, we can totally relate! Cats are our best friends, confidants, and furry family members, and their love and loyalty is unconditional and everlasting. They don’t judge, they’re always happy to see us, and they never, ever let us down – even if they act a … Read more

Vet Who Shot Cat With Arrow & Posted Photos Online Loses In Court Again

If you saw this infamous story in the spring of 2015, you’ll probably never forget: Texas dweller Kristin Lindsey shot Tiger, her neighbor’s cat, with an arrow when it wandered into her yard. Afterward, she proudly posed with the ginger tabby’s body and posted the photos on Facebook. Aside from the unspeakable cruelty of her actions and the heartbreak it must’ve caused the kitty’s family, the worst part of the case is that Lindsey is a veterinarian. Legal action was pursued, … Read more