Police Cat Excels At His Job – When He’s Awake That Is!

An adorable police kitty named Troop Cat Ed became an internet sensation this week. The 2-year-old orange tabby was caught on video behaving more like a keystone cop than a uniformed hero by his fellow officers at the NSW Mounted Police in Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia. It seems that instead of working hard, Ed spends most of his time hardly working! The professional ratter was caught snoozing on the job as a massive rodent frolics on a hay bale just … Read more

Tabby Cats, Cheetahs & Zebras Have Something Very Special In Common

Thanks to some feral cats in Northern California, scientists now know that the same gene responsible for giving tabby cats their wide array of bands and blotches is also responsible for a zebra’s stripes and a cheetah’s spots. A study conducted by Stanford University uncovered DNA evidence unlocking the complicated genetic mystery of how mammals get their beautiful coat patterns. A photo posted by @lrbrown06 on Jul 27, 2016 at 5:53am PDT Several genes are required to create a cat’s – … Read more

Friendly Kitty Helps Her Postman BFF Be The Best Mail Carrier He Can Be

Neither snow nor rain nor smelly neighborhood dog keeps this cat from aiding her best buddy in completing his mail rounds! Each day as Levi the Postman rides his bike through Taranaki, New Zealand delivering mail to the residents on his route, a friendly cat waits patiently for his arrival.   When the kitty spots Levi she springs to action – leading the way to the next mailbox, hopping onto it, and leaping right into the mail carrier’s basket for their … Read more

Kitten Born Blind With ‘Pretzel Legs’ Finds A Savior Who Believes In Her

Nearly 4 years ago, Carmen Bernard spotted a tiny kitten struggling across a Florida Highway. Her tiny legs and tail appeared “twisty” as if she had been hit by a car. When Carmen’s vet examined the kitty she received the shocking news that not only had the 5-week-old Seal Point been born with severe deformations of her rear limbs; she was also blind.   Knowing that the kitten’s special needs put her at high risk for euthanasia in a shelter, … Read more

Roomba-Riding Cat Casually Rolls Around The House Like A Queen

Roomba vacuum cleaning robots are designed to go anywhere and clean anything, allowing us to just kick back and relax. As humans utilize this technology to avoid doing chores, our clever kitties are catching on as well. For example, this adorable Calico cat has determined that there’s no reason she should have to walk from her food bowl to her favorite nap spot when she can ride instead! Her custom Roomba-cart comes complete with a plush fleece blanket for maximum … Read more

Tough TV Star Shows His Softer Side By Rescuing 3 Sickly Kittens

Is there anything sweeter than a big, strong Tough Guy who shows his mushy side by rescuing a sick kitten? How about the same burly softy adopting three sickly kittens in need? That’s exactly what happened when Zane Lamprey, Travel host for NatGeo, Food Network and the Travel Channel, visited the local shelter with his wife, Melissa. They stumbled upon a tiny Seal Point kitten suffering from Feline Calicivirus and unable to eat. The couple instantly decided to bring her home … Read more

Foster Kitten Is Accidentally Adopted To The Wrong Family

The Heimels of Green Island, New York decided to get involved with animal rescue by volunteering to become a foster family for the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society (MHHS). They took in a tiny black and white kitten named Panda, bonding with him over bottle feedings and watching as he grew strong.   When Panda was old enough, TJ Heimel returned him to MHHS to be neutered so that they could officially adopt him. Heimel informed a staff member of his intentions … Read more

Cat Saved Hours Before Euthanasia Adorably Showers His Rescuer With Gratitude

Cat Rescue Newcastle is a group of dedicated volunteers who rescue cats at risk of being put to sleep from local shelters. They place the animals with foster families until permanent adopters can be found. Recently CRN heard about a kitten named Henry who was scheduled to be euthanized in just a few days. One of their foster moms Michelle offered to help, but she was unable to arrange transportation. Another CRN volunteer named Adelle stepped in, arriving at the shelter … Read more

Watch The Reunion Of A Lost Cat And The Little Girl Who Never Forgot Him

Shelter workers at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) witness cases of abuse, abandonment and loss everyday. Every now and then something miraculous and heartwarming happens to remind them of why they do what they do. That was the case for the staff at the British Columbia SPCA Nanaimo Branch in Canada last week. They witnessed the tearful reunion of a little girl and her cat after 3 long years – and caught the entire moving … Read more

Protect Your Kitty From Potential Dangers In Your Home With These Simple Steps

When you think of kitties at play, your mind probably conjures images of precocious felines batting around balls of yarn or stalking toy mice. Cats take their play time very seriously. Sometimes friskiness and curiosity get the better of them and an item of interest like string, a toy, or a bit of plastic may be accidentally swallowed. While cats are often able to pass swallowed objects through the digestive tract without any problem, sometimes they can become lodged in … Read more