9 Ways To Build Trust In A Shy Cat

Whether a cat was rescued from a situation where she was treated poorly by humans, has never interacted with humans before, has a health issue that is making her act out from stress, or is simply shy by nature, we have a responsibility as caretakers to help our feline friends learn to trust and feel safe in their environments. It takes a tremendous amount of patience, sensitivity, and care to transition a cat from skittish to secure. The process can … Read more

9 Positive Ways To Encourage A Lazy Cat To Be More Active

It’s not necessarily a red flag if your cat sleeps a lot. Many cats naturally spend their daytime hours asleep, reserving their energy for nighttime hunting and playing. Even nighttime hunters, though, should be able to be tempted into a bit of daytime fun. If your normally-playful cat is suddenly uninterested in toys or games, a trip to your veterinarian can address any health issues that may be making your cat too lethargic or achey to play. But sometimes indoor cats … Read more

5 Ways Food Puzzles Can Improve Your Cat’s Health

Many cat parents don’t know about food puzzles. That’s unfortunate because food puzzles can solve a variety of health and behavior problems. So what are food puzzles? Put simply, food puzzles are toys that, with a little work from your cat, dispense food. Though they come in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes, the puzzles generally consist of tubes or balls that are filled with food that your cat must figure out how to access. You can find food puzzles … Read more

5 Scratching Posts to Drive Your Cat Wild (And One Silly Bonus!)

Scratching serves a few functions to your cat and is essential to his happiness and health. Digging his claws into a scratching post helps him to shed the dead outer layer from his claws, gives him a good stretch, and even marks his territory through the scent glands on his paws. There are thousands of different types of scratching pads and posts out there, and it can be hard to distinguish the differences and know which to buy. We’ve done … Read more

9 Purr-Worthy Jobs for Crazy Cat Ladies

If you’re spending time on this website, you probably love cats. We’re with you. In fact, many of the folks behind this website have made careers out of their love for cats. Sound too good to be true? Not too long ago, many cat lovers chose to go into veterinary medicine because it was one of the only ways to help animals. These days, as more and more people consider their cats to be a part of their families, there … Read more

6 Reasons Why Your Cat May Be Itchy

Seeing your cat scratch herself once or twice isn’t a cause for alarm. We all itch every once in a while. If it becomes a pattern, though, you’ll need to figure out what’s causing the itching. At best, having itchy skin is annoying to your cat. At its worst though, itchy skin can lead to fur loss, scabs, open wounds, inflammation, irritations, and even infections. Since scratching can cause long-term or serious harm to your cat, it’s important to address … Read more

5 Reasons for Your Cat’s Flaky Skin

It’s no wonder that flaky skin is one of the most common conditions affecting cats. After all, there are many factors that could cause your cat’s skin to become flaky. These factors range from cosmetic to dangerous, so it’s always best to meet with your veterinarian if you notice changes to your cat’s skin or coat. Let’s look at five of the most common reasons you may be seeing flakes. Image Source: Takashi Hososhima via Flickr.com Under grooming Most cats do a … Read more

5 Things Your Cat Sitter Should Absolutely Know

For most of us, our cats are family members. Dogs often have the luxury of traveling with their families and are often included in vacations and trips, but we can all imagine what would happen if we tried to take our cats with us. Instead, we usually opt to leave our feline friends at home with a pet sitter. Whether that sitter is a friend doing us a favor or a hired professional, there are some things they should know … Read more

5 Tips for Less Traumatic Vet Visits

If you’re like many cat parents, you avoid veterinary visits except in the case of true emergencies. This is because every aspect of it—from getting your cat into the carrier, to the car ride, to the appointment itself—is stressful for both you and your cat. The problem with avoiding annual wellness visits, of course, is that your cat may hide signs of illness until it has advanced into something much more complicated, painful, and expensive. Don’t forego an annual wellness … Read more