5 Explanations For Your Cat’s Crankiness

There’s no sugar-coating the fact that cranky cats aren’t exactly fun to be around. Signs you have a real-life grumpy cat on your hands include everything from total avoidance to point-blank aggression. Some cats lash out with seemingly random bouts of moodiness, and others seem like they need permanent attitude adjustments. Whatever the case, there’s always a reason behind a cat’s less-than-amiable personality. Like people, their moods are affected by what goes on around them. Here are a few reasons … Read more

Major City Takes A Stand Against Declawing Cats

For the first time outside California, a city has come together to recognize the harmful effects of declawing cats. City officials in Denver voted on Nov. 13 to approve a bill to ban declawing cats, and the new law is already in effect. Animal advocates throughout the city and the rest of the country are congratulating Denver for taking a step in the right direction. Declawing, also called onychectomy, does more than remove the potentially pointy parts of a cat’s … Read more

5 Ways To Earn Your Rescue Cat’s Trust

When you bring your rescue cat home for the first time, gaining their trust is your first challenge as a new pet owner. Many rescues suffer from anxiety and stress, and overcoming those trust issues is essential if you want your cat to feel happy and comfortable by your side. From the moment you sign the adoption papers, everything you do is either going to help or hurt your relationship. Here are a few things you can do to ensure … Read more

This Two-Faced Cat Is Just As Special As She Looks

It doesn’t take more than a glance to recognize this cat’s unique beauty, but what makes Quimera truly special is more than fur deep. Many people believe this house cat is an actual chimera—a single living organism with the genetic makeup of two separate organisms. Basically, they think she’s her own fraternal twin. View this post on Instagram Cuando no parás de mandarte cagadas #quimera #Chimera #Cat #kittyboss #meow #gattina #cats #catsofinstagram #catsagram #gato #gatos #kitty #kitten #kitties #catlover #catlady … Read more

This Powerful Ingredient May Help Substantially With Your Cat’s Itchiness

Cats get dry, itchy skin for a number of reasons. They could have a food allergy, be sensitive to something in their environment, or have a skin parasite. A visual inspection of their skin may give you insight into the problem, but stopping the itch is a different story. Parasites will likely require a specific plan of attack, but if your cat has allergies, adding Omega fatty acids to their diet could be the powerful ingredient you’ve been looking for. … Read more

Is It Normal For Cats To Sleep In Their Litter Boxes?

Cats are known for sleeping in strange places—boxes, bathroom sinks, shoes—but a cat that prefers to sleep in the litter box is a different story. The first time it happens, you’re tempted to grab your camera to document the oddity, but it’s important to realize it’s a stinky and unsanitary habit. It could be physical or emotional, but sleeping in the litter box is a sign of a real problem. Here are a few common reasons why cats start sleeping … Read more

Rescue Kittens Grow Up Together But Never Outgrow Their Favorite Bed

Siblings from Japan, Amelie and Canele, are inseparable best friends. They live with a loving family, but life wasn’t always as comfortable as it is today. They were rescued from an uncertain fate when they were two months old, and they’ve clung to each other through it all.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Rie (@riepoyonn) on Apr 29, 2017 at 4:49am PDT It didn’t take long for Amelie and Canele’s rescuers to realize their … Read more

Your Cat’s Sleeping Position Can Tell You What They’re Thinking

Cats are as mysterious as they are adorable, and since they don’t speak our language, it isn’t always easy to tell what they’re thinking or how they feel. You’ll have to pay close attention to your kitty’s actions (or lack thereof) if you want honest insight into what it’s like to be a cat, and observing them while they’re asleep is a good way to start. A cat’s sleeping position says a lot more about them than how tired they … Read more

Man Can’t Own A Cat, But He Takes Pictures With Every Kitty He Meets

When you love cats as much as this guy does, you don’t let something as trivial as your living situation keep them out of your life. Nick Canning lives in a small apartment in Philadelphia, and while he has always wanted a cat, his current living situation means he can’t have one. He’s intent on saving up for a bigger space, but for now, he takes every chance he gets to show off his love for the feline species. View … Read more

Formerly Feral Special Needs Cat Wants To Change The World

With over three million fans on social media, an online store of merchandise featuring her face, and a name recognized across the country, Lil BUB isn’t your average celebrity cat. Her big eyes and small stature have captured the hearts of millions, and her story has gone on to bring hope and change in the world of animal advocacy. She’s a spoiled house kitty now, but the famous feline hasn’t forgotten that life wasn’t always this good. It’s the last … Read more