Why Do Cats Wrap Their Tails Around Their Paws?

One of the first steps in learning to speak your cat’s language is understanding that their tail is a major means of communication. It can tell you when they’re feeling angry, playful, or scared—all you have to do is pay attention. One of a cat’s favorite things to do with their tail is wrap it around their paws. It happens when they’re sitting upright and curled up looking cozy on the couch. It’s a seemingly innocent gesture, but the placement … Read more

Why Don’t All Cats Hunt Mice?

Cats are supposed to be natural-born hunters. Put them in a barn, a warehouse, or your kitchen, and they’ll earn their room and board by chasing away pests and vermin. But what happens when they don’t? There are some cats that live for the thrill of the hunt, but for other felines, batting around a catnip mouse is as close as they ever get to killing prey. Are cats that choose not to hunt some kind of prodigal link in … Read more

7 Tips For Taking Better Pictures Of Your Cat

Cats are notoriously difficult subjects to photograph. We love their unique personalities, but they’re also stubborn, indifferent, and impossible to pose. They’re either running away from the camera or putting their faces right against the lens. Your phone’s photo gallery is always full of button noses and whiskers, but most of those pictures are blurry, too dark, or simply unflattering. You’re not the only cat owner who’s struggling to take good pictures of their pet. These tips from professional photographers … Read more

This Cat Poop Parasite Could Be The Key To Future Cancer Treatment

A new development in cancer treatment is pointing researchers in an unexpected direction—toward the litter box. A study published by researchers at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College in Hanover reports a parasite found in feline feces could be the future of cancer treatment. Called T. gondii, the single-celled parasite is found in the intestines of warm-blooded animals as well as uncooked meat and contaminated drinking water. It’s not something you want to ingest, but scientific evidence shows … Read more

4 Reasons Why Kitty Housemates Fight

Households with multiple feline family members enjoy more kitten cuddles, love, and companionship, but having more than one cat often leads to kitty quarrels. Cats are social creatures, but getting into fights isn’t unusual. Even cats who’ve lived in the same shared space for long periods of time can end up duking it out. Sharp claws and teeth mean all cat fights are dangerous. Putting a stop to the aggressive behavior is in everyone’s best interest. But before you can … Read more

Courageous Cat Swims Across The Water To See His Friends

Put a cat in water and you’ll usually end up regretting your decision, but this brave feline isn’t going to let typical cat behavior get in between him and his friends. A cat was filmed in Germany doing something most cats would never consider. Standing on the bank of a river, the white cat could see his two friends on the dock. It was too far to jump with no water taxi in sight, so he decided to take the … Read more

Why Do Cats Like Some Humans But Not Others?

Cats have a reputation for being picky about the people they choose to be around. When you finally win a finicky feline’s affection, it’s a great feeling. Family members compete to be number one in a cat’s heart, but not everyone ends up with the prized position. The person who feeds them and cleans out their litter isn’t always the one who the cat prefers. It can seem unfair, but for your cat, bonding with humans is about more than … Read more

Why Your Cat Is Obsessed With Phones And Tablets

We all know the internet loves cats, and it looks like it’s a two-way relationship. Whether your cat is obsessed with playing games on your tablet or comes running every time you pick up the phone, they’re always wanting more screen time. Marketers have caught on to the trend and are making feline-friendly apps, but cats’ infatuation with tech started long before Cat Fishing and Jitterbug made it to the game store. So why does your cat seem as drawn … Read more

After His Dad And Dog Pass, This Little Boy Gets A Birthday Surprise He’ll Never Forget

February 2017 was a devastating month for Joya and her two sons. They clung to each other in support as Joya’s husband and the boys’ father passed away after weeks in the hospital. The family was devastated by their loss, and a month later, they were hit again. Their beloved senior dog followed her owner and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Joya and her boys were left to face their grief as a significantly smaller family. They stood strong and made … Read more

Top 5 Household Items That Double As Great Cat Toys

You don’t need to spend an entire paycheck at the pet store to keep your playful kitty entertained. Built with the athleticism of perfect predators, cats need physical stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. Toys replace the prey they would be hunting out in the wild, but in the mind of a cat, a toy could be anything. Your feline can be tough and tenacious, but they’re also silly and imaginative. Sometimes, their favorite toys aren’t toys at all. … Read more