AMAZING! Hero Cat SAVES Abandoned Baby From Freezing To Death!

| Published on January 19, 2015

Wow! This is absolutely amazing! Typically, our stories of rescue center around a cat in-need of rescuing, but not today! Today, it’s the cat that’s doing the rescuing!
The New York Post first broke the news that a sweet cat named Masha had done the unthinkable. In the cold, sub-zero temperatures of Russia, someone abandoned a small baby in a box outside. When Masha, the long-haired tabby, stumbled upon the baby, she jumped into action! Masha climbed into the box and kept the baby warm, while meowing until someone stopped to check and see what was going on. Masha is a well-known cat in the community and she typically greets a number of her human friends, so when one of them heard her meows but didn’t immediately see her, they thought she was hurt and went looking for her. Of course, that’s why they found an unharmed Masha curled up with a newborn baby!
The baby was rushed to the local hospital and checked out without any harm, thanks to Masha. Without Masha’s motherly instinct, this baby would have likely died. We are SO impressed by Masha’s instincts and truly believe she is a hero! Great job, Masha!!!

You can read even more about the story over at the New York Post by clicking here. Be sure to share this INCREDIBLE story with your friends and family!
Has your cat ever been heroic? Tell us about it!

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