A Year After Near-Death Kitten Is Found In Bush, He’s Healthy And Loving The Snow


Nearly a year ago, Reddit user Jombo65 rescued a teeny tiny kitten from a bush where it had been abandoned and was crying for help. It’s lucky that Jombo65 found him when he did since the kittens eyes were gummed shut from an infection and he may not have lasted much longer without care.


Image: Jombo65 at Reddit

The kitten was lovingly named Steve, after Stevie Wonder, the blind musician. Jombo65 took great care of little Steve, tending to his eyes every day. After two days, Steve was finally able to open them to get a look at his new friend.


Image: Jombo65 at Reddit

A year later, Steve is big, beautiful, and healthy. Look at Steve now, experiencing his very first snow. This kitty is clearly happy to be getting a taste of all the life he nearly missed.


Image: Jombo65 at Reddit

Get a look at that luxurious tail! What a beauty!

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