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A Guide To Losing Weight For Fat Cats


Hey Bubba, have you seen the new video guide to losing weight? It’s for overweight cats like us. It really seems like it’s easy to do and follow. Come on, let’s go check it out!

Let’s see here. Why first, we’re required to run. Where? Oh just about here, there and everywhere. I guess the point is to keep moving and not get stuck lounging around in one place for too long. Next, we work out our core muscles. Oh okay, fat then! On our arms, legs and abdomen. You can do sit ups. An incentive? Get your human to poke you in your tummy, that should be enough incentive! Finally, it’s important to regularly check our progress and reward ourselves but not too much, just tidbits. 😉

It seems fairly simple, don’t you think? Hopefully our humans will be smart enough to help us get started. Share this with other cats and let’s have a group going, what do you think? 🙂

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